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Question by Average Joe: Will president Obama make the health plan of members of congress available to all americans?
I’m a little confused about Obama’s health care plan. Now that he’s the next president I’d like someone to explain his health care plan to me like you would explain it to a 4-year old. I read that he wants to create some kind of a National Health Insurance Exchange which sounds a little strange to me (I hope I’m the only one?). How would this make health care more affordable?

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Answer by blaze027
We’ll never have national health care….presidents have tried it for years.

I hope he does something, but you must realize that America pays more per capita than ANY OTHER COUNTRY for providing healthcare to people. We will never fix the healthcare issue until we fix the illegal immigrant issue. We are insuring 40 million illegals right are we to afford all of the legal citizens when our money is now going to insure illegal immigrants. I read an article recently that said in California alone, way back in 1994, we spent almost 300 million dollars just on births of babies born to Illegals…almost 74K births. I would hate to see what the numbers are in 2008. We have free healthcare, but it’s going to illegal immigrants right now. In California, if you are low income, you can sign up for medical, or basic adult healthcare, and kids get free through medical. We also have a program where you can buy insurance based on your income.

I’m worried if he implements his healthcare plan, my family might lose their insurance through our employer because our employer will know we can buy it on our own through the government….which we really can’t afford to do for 5 people.

The healthcare issue will not be fixed for many years, until all of our money stops going to support illegal immigrants. Even when you can buy it under an Obama plan…you will still have to BUY it!

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