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I’m no big fan of Rahm Emanuel . Palin I dislike more. However, in a rare moment, I agree Palin had a right to be offended of the use of the word “retard”, used by Emanuel. She does have a child with Down Syndrome . Even though Emanuel was disrespecting and speaking of his own base, us liberals in a off the cuff remark on health care reform . A short excerpt taken from a story , you can read at the end of this text, below of how and why he used this word . Palin claimed Emanuel should be fired . Well, now Rush Limbaugh has used this same word and claims he will not apologize . If Palin doesn’t condemn Limbaugh like she condemned Emanuel, it just proves what a real low life Palin is . It proves that Palin used her baby and the babies illness for political gain . However, if she condemns Rush Limbaugh, it will show she’s consistent and right . Let’s see what happens ? Rahm Emanuel excerpt below…… “Last August, Emanuel “showed up at a weekly strategy session featuring liberal groups and White House aides,” the Journal’s Peter Wallsten reported last Tuesday.”Some attendees said they were planning to air ads attacking conservative Democrats who were balking at Mr. Obama’s health-care overhaul. ‘F—ing retarded,’ Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items.” A White House official confirms that Emanuel made the remark and reports that

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