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debate when republicans offered many counter-offers, amendments, etc. to the bill but they were all turned down by democrats?

(yes its fox, but its fox reporting nice about Obama, so no silly comments please… if you want there are many sites that show the same statement…)

notice that obama tells the media that he is open to republican proposals. then NONE of the ones he says he is open to, end up in the bill. even according to the white house website…

ok so lets look at the republican proposals that ended up in the bill… (ignoring for a minute that in a 2700 page bill the list of republican proposals that they allowed in the bill fits on a notecard)

•Advances medical liability reform through grants to States
( obama proposed this himself last year. its not from a republican proposal…

•Extends dependent coverage to age 26:
(almost all states have already extended to age 26. now they are just making it federal instead of state law)
•Allows automatic enrollment by employers in health insurance
( this was in BOTH proposals. not just republicans. both dems and republicans put this in their bills.
•Mechanisms to improve quality
( this was in kennedy’s bill. again not republican proposal.

so with all of the “republican proposals” that the democrats allowed in the bill, it turns all of them were already gonna be included. so basically Obama is claiming to be bipartisan when there was NO bipartisanship on EITHER side. so why is it that republicans are being called the “Party of NO” when BOTH are actually the “Parties of NO”?

Is it time to end the poo flingin contest and see if we can do something productive? I see a lot of gloating on here about passing a bill, but the fact of the matter is, because of partisanship by BOTH parties, instead of a bill that works, we ended up with simply a bill that will pass…

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