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Who creates harmony the world over? Women. Who signs peace deals? Men Story from: Image Attribution: Public Domain? Report calls for more balanced approach to resolving conflict and says female view on freedom from violence is neededAround the world women make peace in their homes and communities on a daily basis. But when it comes to negotiating and signing peace deals on a national or international level they are almost universally shut out according to a report that calls for a more balanced approach to resolving conflict.A 2000 UN security council resolution that called for equal participation for women in “the maintenance and promotion of sustainable peace” has been almost totally ignored not least by the UN itself says the report. There have been no female chief mediators in UN-brokered peace talks and fewer than 10% of police officers and 2% of the soldiers sent on UN peacekeeping missions have been women.Fewer than one in 40 of the signatories of major peace agreements since 1992 have been female according to the UN development fund for women Unifem. They played a bit part in settlements in El Salvador Guatemala Northern Ireland and Papua New Guinea but in 17 out of 24 major accords ” including Croatia Bosnia Sierra Leone Burundi Liberia Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo ” there was zero female participation in signing agreements.A report published by the Institute of Development Studies funded by ActionAid and Womankind Worldwide
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