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Los Angeles, CA / Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Sensis and White Horse released the last of three reports on Hispanic retail mobile use, entitled, Hispanic In-Store Mobile Experience: The Role of Culture. Like the previous reports, Social Shopping and The Deals Ethic, The Role of Culture presents findings based on a study of Hispanic mobile use during shopping. By understanding the Hispanic culture and their mobile habits, brands and retailers can more effectively design in-store experiences that are further in line with user desires.

Where Social Shopping focused on the social nature of Hispanic shopping and The Deals Ethic examined the value proposition for Hispanic shoppers, The Role of Culture shows how retail marketing and promotions should reflect an understanding of Hispanic culture. Uncovering cultural insights is a necessary step to designing and executing the optimal digital experience.

Unfortunately, retailers dont demonstrate a cultural sensitivity toward Hispanics beyond using Spanish in their materials, Sensis President Jos

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