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Question by amyedobrinski: where can i go to find the answer the health care question about health care information be used?
I need to know the correct answer to this question: Under what circumstances can personal health information be used for purpose unrelated to health care? Hint there should be at least 12 circumstances

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Answer by evalesco
Research, auditing, and evaluation
Individuals involved in medical research, financial or management audits, or program evaluation have access to the medical record. They are not allowed access to any identifying information, however.

Risk of death or harm
Information within the record can be shared with authorities without permission when failure to do so would result in death or harm, either to the patient or to others. Information cannot be used, however, to initiate or substantiate a charge unless the previous criteria are met (ie, information from illicit drug testing cannot be used to bring charges of possession against a patient). This rule was established in the United States Supreme Court case Jaffe v. Redmond[6].
In the United Kingdom, the Data Protection Acts and later the Freedom of Information Act 2000, gave patients or their representatives the right to a copy of their record, except where information breaches confidentiality (e.g. information from another family member or where a patient has asked for information not to be disclosed to third parties) or would be harmful to the patient’s well-being (eg some psychiatric assessments). Also the legislation gives patients the right to check for any errors in their record and insist that amendments be made if required.

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