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What is Libertarian Progressive : definition / agenda election 2012 : 2014 11 (Tuesday) The largest compilation of original, on the ballot, 2012 independent and 3rd party Congressional candidate interviews. This can be your new Congress, Nov. 6, 2012. If you like these interviews & the information, spread the word + share + like + subscribe + comment + favorite What the regressivecans/dinglecraps fear most : a libertarian progressive alliance We have more issues which unite us than divide – it would be nice if someday the only thing we actually had to debate was health, energy and education . . . we are talking about war, empire, security industrial complexes’: both domestically and internationally, corporate bailouts, civil liberties, accountability and transparency Why vote 3rd party? if you care about these issues . . . we have already tried (through a tougher standard than a double blind study) the regressivecans/dinglecraps per se : both Bush and Obama who both had a full Congress (most Presidents don’t have anywhere near what these two had) their first two years. Now witness the “We the People” power of this fully ARMED & OPERATIONAL constitutional democratically elected republic – a “shot heard ’round the world”

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