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Question by : What do Medical Professionals think about the passing of the health care bill, both the pros and cons?
I am currently doing research on the health care bill, and would like to know how medical professionals (from all walks) feel about the passing of the health care bill. Let me know your profession and how long you’ve been in the medical field. Include both the pros and cons if possible. Let me know what you think!

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Answer by Tofu Ninja
I am a hospital pharmacist and I think it is a good thing. We have so many patients with no insurance coming to ER because of no insurance (or they don’t want to pay.) The hospital get stuck with the bills and we have to lay off a lot of people. ER is very expansive. If they have insurance, they can go to primary care doctor for minor things. They also have to pay their co-pay which will reduce those frivolous ER visit. We have people come in just for allergy! They don’t want to pay for Claritin over the counter and come to ER and asked for a prescription. Then filled in at pharmacy with Medicaid. We need them pay some money back!

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