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I had not been able to find any information on the bill up until it was posted less than 24 hours ago. I really could not say if I thought it was good or bad due to lack of information on it. The people who want to pass it even had little information on it.

I read some of the major points today. I am assuming that basically the government will run health care in the end. Will this force some insurance companies to go under.. leaving basically the only option for health care to the government??

This may sound odd but it seems to me that they want to take out medicare and leave seniors with little care, they want to dictate to dr and hospital what people can be treated for and limit the care, they want to include abortion? so all this looks to be is that they are wanting to reduce the population.. weed out the sick, weed out the old who have lived most their life, reduce care to those who are really sick.. and after a few years what is left.. limited population, only the healthy survive .. how is that for population control??

I am actually pretty scared of this bill at this point, but then again it does not matter they are going to pass what they want to. What is the con try coming to?

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