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Question by ♥: What are the pros and cons of the health care bill?
The House just passed the health care bill and I do not completely understand what the changes are. What are the pros and cons of it?

I’m fifteen and my family has health insurance. How will it affect us?

Thanks in advance.
About how much will the taxes be a “little higher” by?

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Answer by Skw14
Well. first off let me say that what i am about to say is totally liberal and many conservatives will disagree with my opinions.
Basically the health care system americans had previously was totally insurance company run. The insurance companies were pretty crooked too, they decided who got insurance and even if they would pay for treatments for already insured people sometimes based on the what was best for the patient but also often based on what was best for the company financially. And everything was really expensive, your average birth cost around 5,000 dollars with insurance. Now with the new bill individual costs will be MUCH LOWER and taxes will be a little higher, but more people will be ensured and in the end the insured wil pay less.

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