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NOVEMBER 6: Take This Country Back OBAMA RECORD US Competitiveness Falls from #1 to #7: Incomes Fall at Record Levels: Record Lows in Work Force: Food Stamps at Record Levels: ObamaCare Raises Premiums: Stimulus Failed: National Debt Out of Control: 80 Million Hours of Regulations: Taxmageddon coming this January: Obama Regulations cost .8 Trillion: ObamaCare will Slash Profits, Cut Jobs: General Motors Bailout Failed; GM Goes Bankrupt TWICE: CBO Predicts 2013 Recession: ObamaCare Cuts Medicare by 6 Billion: Medicare Will Be Bankrupt by 2024: Obama Covers up Gun-Running Scandal: Obama Covers up Libya Terrorist Attack Scandal: Obamanomics Has Failed: And don’t blame it on Bush: Obama Golfs a Record 90+ times as President… ROMNEY PLAN 59-Point Plan for 12 Million New Jobs: Energy Independence by 2020: Tackling Housing Crisis: Tax Cut for Middle Class: ( Not a tax hike: ) Balanced Budget: Health Care Policy: Preserving Medicare for Future: School Choice: www
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