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Question by jennyjuice1: two questions about the affordable health care act?
1)under the affordable health care act, will those who are receiving health insurance through their employer sfrom their employer still be able to opt for a cheaper government version? and 2) Those who do not get insurance and there for pay the penalty, what will the money from the penalties go for? If you have reliable sources, please include the links in your answer. Please information only no hate, and anger.

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Answer by Zarnev
1) employees can opt for a government version but since it won’t actually be cheaper most will stay with the employer provided plans. The government versions will be subsidized but you won’t receive that subsidy until you file your taxes. Therefore, most people will not be able to afford to pay the premiums if they must wait until tax time to get help.

2) The penalty will be collected when you file your taxes, and will go into the general fund to be used however the politicians deem to be the best use of those funds.

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