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I hope to post 2 videos a week up to the election referring to specific things Barack Obama has done to improve our economy, create jobs, bring up home prices, secure our borders, stabilize healthcare and provide it to millions of citizens not already covered, reform student loans and pell grants, save the auto industry and over a million related jobs, cut spending and raise revenue, and more. Yes, it’s a daunting task that’ll take a lot of reading, research, and critical thinking. Are you willing to do it with me and share our findings with the rest of the country? Make sure to tweet, facebook (especially in political discussion groups, tumbler, and share these videos). Get involved, register, and vote. Yes, this is my 1st scripted video on this channel. I wanted to make sure to keep it succinct and present facts instead of my usual “off the cuff” style. I’ll get better as I do it more often. Thanks for your patience.
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