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ObamaCare Rap Lyrics No one should go uninsured That’s something ObamaCare cured We’re gonna fix the economy By borrowing and spending lots of money Well I really hate ObamaCare It really truly isn’t fair It’s just expanding Medicaid Now me and my white friends won’t get paid Non-dependent kids are gonna get their fix They’re covered until they’re twenty-six Used to be 22 ’til I had it switched They’re covered as long as they don’t get hitched Health care is not a right Democrats need to see the light More than half the country doesn’t approve ObamaCare will get removed Forty-percent tax on Cadillac Insurance plan prices that are whack I’m gonna kick it off in twenty-eighteen Make money like the government ain’t ever seen Right-winged conservatives We’re the true superlatives Never had a political blunder ObamaCare is going under Gonna raise some income tax in 2013 Government’s gonna see a lot of green But I’m only really charging rich people Don’t try and tell me it’s illegal We need to prevent all this government regulation Stop making people buy healthcare all across the nation There’s gonna be a hefty fine If you don’t buy yourself coverage in time We can tell insurance companies what to do Hospitals and doctors, too And I’m gonna tax all the tanning places And make a couple billion off their orange faces Hey doctors and hospitals If ObamaCare is economical Why are you getting hit the hardest Looks like you’re its biggest target I’m getting billion from drug
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