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The political fight on health care is over. Republicans won.
Two terms favored by those unfavorably inclined to the law — “more government involvement” and “more taxes with health care reform” — both outpaced the most mentioned term of supporters (“more competition”). In fact, there were more than twice as …
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On health care, the public doesn't like its options
As we have written before, all of the spin around the health care law should not distract from the fact that opinions about it have remained remarkably steady over the past two years. Here's a chart put together by the Post polling department — follow …
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Opinion: Health-care law helps small businesses be socially responsible
But it is important not to overgeneralize when discussing the impact the health care law will have on businesses. In fact, for companies with fewer than 50 full-time employees, the law actually provides a golden opportunity for making the kind of …
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