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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 abbreviated ARRA The Stimulus or The Recovery Act is an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th United States Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on February 17, 2009, by President Barack Obama. For best results, click “Full Screen” and 1080p. Please click the links below and watch: President Obama in Oskaloosa, Iowa – Wind Energy Keeping His Word: Supporting Teachers Kirsten: An Educator for Obama – “North Carolina has grown because of the investment in education.” Annie from Colorado: “I have a second chance at life.” – OFA Colorado President Obama in Cincinnati Ohio – Fighting for Small Businesses Faces of Change: “Our Jobs Come from the Wind.” Obama For America TV Ad: “Jobs” Obama for America 2012 TV AD – The Facts About President Obama’s Energy Record Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies Republican Women for Obama “Clear Choice” – Obama for America TV Ad President Obama on Creating an Economy Built to Last The Story of Us Forward. Go Obama for America TV Ad: “The Problem” Keeping His Word: Early Childhood Education Keeping His Word: Extending Unemployment Insurance Update from Jim Messina: Polls

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