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The Good! *Dr. Peter Bourne* *Dr. Peter Bourne* Bourne was the drug policy advisor to President Jimmy Carter. In an interview with Newsweek this week – Bourne attacked President Obama’s current drug policy – calling the administration’s approach to marijuana “totally insane.” He also said that the federal government should be taking a hands-off approach when it comes to marijuana policy in the states. It’s time lawmakers in Washington listened to Bourne – started worrying about the real issues instead – like the economy – and got to work creating sensible drug policies for our country. ———— The Bad! *Conservative Pundits* While Bill Clinton stole the show last night at the DNC – another high-profile speaker last night was Sandra Fluke. And – shortly after her speech – numerous Conservative pundits took to Twitter to bash Fluke. Ann Coulter said, “Sandra wants taxpayers to pay for her tanning appointments,” while Dana Loesch tweeted, “Don’t lecture conservative women about empowerment while demanding we pay for what goes on in your bedroom.” Finally – Michael Berry chimed in, saying, “I hope someone was passing out free condoms tonight, otherwise Sandra Fluke might be in trouble tomorrow.” Conservatives say they care about women and respect their rights – but it’s quite clear from this hatefest that they don’t care at all. ————- And the Very Very Ugly! *Rep. Steve King (R-IA)* King said in a recent speech that the government’s new nutrional standards for

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