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ok first of all, since barack obama has been elected in office, nothin has been done to better america. Gas prices continue to rise, and are actually twice the price they were during the final months of Bush’s term. Immigrants are given more rights. this dumb SOB wants to send a terrorist to trial in a civil court, allowing him to have rights of an american citizen. If your a terrorist and try to blow up our country, you should have no rights. you should be slowly tortured to death, especially after 9/11. Now, he wants to get a budget that will put the US at a RECORD deficit, when thats the last thing we need. He wants to enforce this healthcare bill for the sorry lowdown mother ………….. who dont want to get off their lazy a…….s and get a job while the working people of america’s taxes are increased. They control all of our money, they get a cut of every penny spent in america, they run the oil industry, now their wanting to run the health insurance industry, everything government owned. this is just another step towards communism!!!!!! all the stocks are CONTINUING to drop, and still you have the stupid MO FO’s who continue to back this Kenyan MFer. You say that u hate Osama bin laden, who is a muslim terrorist horrible freak, but at the same time you vote in a muslim president who wouldnt even wear an american flag pin on his jacket and wouldnt let them paint an american flag on his plane, who was openly muslim at the beginning of the elections, and who said he would stand by his muslim brothers, and you still back him. For the democrats reading this, you have officially F***** UP AMERICA. THANKS

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