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The Conservative Parts of Obamacare are the Problem

Majority Report co-producer Michael Brooks and guest Cliff Schecter discuss why healthcare reform can still succeed, why the problems in Obamacare are neo-li…
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24 Responses to “The Conservative Parts of Obamacare are the Problem”

  • aSingleDallasGuy:

    Good God! Do liberals not have any shame whatsoever?! Here we have a LAW as
    they love to say where out of 600 member of the house and senate not ONE
    republican voted for! That’s right, not one republican voted for this
    Obamacare POS! Yet the gall of these people to now claim this LAW that no
    republican voted for came from republicans and now has “conservative” parts
    in it! LOL

    Holy crap! Liberals are shameless! You may also remember at all the
    meetings by congress to form the LAW republicans were locked out of these
    meetings because democrats knew they had the votes. So, now as this
    Obamacare POS showed it’s face to people for the 1st time and it is an
    obvious failure, leftsis are now trying to blame conservatives for it?

    This is why liberals are a cancer on America and nothing else! EVERYTHING a
    liberal touches goes to hell! Education, welfare, food stamps, jobs, the
    economy, the debt, healthcare, etc…. All of these things liberals claim
    to champion yet all are far worse today than the day before liberals have
    championed them over the past 40+ years! Liberals never wany you to look at
    the results of anything only that they pretend to “care” and that’s all
    that matters to these fools!

  • OldRangeRat:

    Excellent talking points – however it’s a mute point, because it is useless
    to argue with simpleton idiots – they only understand the language of
    flying steel jacketed lead.

    LOL, the ‘right wing think tanks’ are the biggest boondoggles ever (KUDO’s
    to their members for taking the PLUTOCRAT’s money for their intuitive
    SIMPLETON’s masterpieces). It’s like the pharmaceutical industry’s good
    science. Yep, our Governments have only done two functions with
    exceptionally good efficiencies: Local SPEED TRAP ZONES and regulating
    LOCAL TV REPAIR SHOPS. World trade and technology has destroyed the need
    for Local TV Repair Shop regulation.

    The Public Option as you described, is the logical answer. Let the Public
    choose between Private Insurance and Public Insurance. If implemented
    properly it would be the most efficient painless fair method of regulation,
    much like the ideal ‘free market place’ competition.

  • habadashery2009:

    If Americans were better educated and had a better telecommunications
    infrastructure there wouldn’t be any issue with resistance to social
    healthcare. People who are uneducated, uninformed, and have little to no
    access to free information are much more easily manipulated by big
    corporations into supporting policies which most benefit the powers at be.

  • ThePatriotMuckraker:

    You are all unreasonable. You should trust obama because “he is good at
    killing people.”

  • xadam2dudex:

    the reason the corporate republicans don’t like the so called Obamacare
    program is they fear it will be successful enough to make changes to so
    that eventually it will turn into single payer and put the insurance
    companies out of business…they use the idiots of the tea baggers to do
    like they always do cause social chaos to destroy any possible improvement
    in the social programs of the country thus putting a dent in their agenda
    to reduce the American people to endentured servants to the corporations

  • WoopyGoldbergsHair:

    So 9/11 is a Republican problem?? Come on you loser… Katrina was caused
    by the Republicans?? Come on!! Why do you people suck these people off?? Is
    there no logic??

  • mrhong44:


  • NUTCASE71733:

    most of this law is conservative. It’s a step in the right direction given
    we need a better option than “die in the streets” like republicans and
    libertarians offer, there’s no real alternative to a proper single-payer

  • Odysseus087:

    “NO part of obamacare is conservative”

    Yeah except for the 160 Republican amendments…just because the GOP voted
    against the ACA doesn’t mean they weren’t heavily involved in crafting the

  • WoopyGoldbergsHair:

    No waste in Medicare!? Do you live on planet earth? All the scammers of
    Medicare make WAY MORE than the all the bloated CEO salaries combined haha
    this channel is full of retards.

    How about 17-57 Billion in Medicare fraud for 2011 alone! Jeez what a
    ridiculous number…

  • Asad A:

    You can’t blame the financial crisis/economic crisis entirely on George
    Bush, it started under Clinton, or you can go before that to Reagan.
    Basically Alan Greenspan and Bob Rubin created the bubble economies of the
    80′s and 90′s, repealed Glass-Stegall, let commercial banks and investment
    banks merge, legalized derivatives and then you get 2008. Take Care. 


    Obamacare was designed from Obama and his party , this is bs there were no
    moderates , the house was split ! ( there for it should say is the Obama

  • Urban Deployment:

    Yes. The part where government gets involved in healthcare. 

  • Charlie Duran:

    I think we should stop calling neoliberal corporate take over policies
    ‘conservative’. Stop picking a fight with 50% of America when the battle is
    with 0.1%

  • Kyno -KH:

    Obamacare is a shit policy. Just get a universal signal payer government
    run health care system. That would solve every problem with obamacare. 

  • Armando7654:

    NO part of obamacare is conservative and you know it.
    You are just telling yourselves lies to feel better, to avoid
    responsibility for yet another failure of the left 

  • Maxwell Humperdink:

    May the Republicans and the American Taliban(aka tea party) rot in hell, in
    ever lasting damnation, at the feet of an unforgiving god. 

  • raboratory:

    Google; right-wing-cyber-attacks-on-healthcare-gov-website-confirmed
    (examiner article)

  • DarthCipient:

    The ghost of Nye Bevan is laughing his fucking head off at all this shit.

  • ThePatriotMuckraker:

    “If you already have healthcare you can keep it” – Peace prize killer

  • mrhong44:


  • ThePatriotMuckraker:

    Hey, liberal slime, H.R. 347 “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds
    Improvement Act of 2011″ Signed into law by the “peace prize killer.”

  • history man:

    Add price controls

  • Vincent Gormley:

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