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The Buzz: What's in the SC Senate's proposal to fight the Affordable Care Act
Davis' amendment aims to turn a S.C. House-approved health care nullification bill, which says, essentially, “Hey, D.C., no way we're following your law,” into one that says, “Hey, D.C., no way you're taking control of our state's public resources to …
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Bill would extend subsidized healthcare coverage to immigrant children
Since she moved to Central Florida three years ago, Severiana Novas-Francois has been unable to take her daughters to the doctor. The reason: Children born outside of the United States must wait five years before they qualify for the subsidized health …
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The Postponement of Obama's Health Care Law Is Getting Old: Why Does the
The House and Senate had not yet completed their conference efforts on the healthcare bill, and not wishing to risk a new vote in the Senate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi cajoled her members to accept the previously passed Senate version with the understanding …
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