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John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority discusses Small Business Health Care Tax Credits — eligibility, impact and federal implementation, economic advantages of offering health insurance by small businesses, impact on businesses with over 50 employees, economic benefits and history of exchanges that will increase choice and reduce health insurance premiums empowering states to tailor exchanges to their unique marketplaces, job creation, projected impact on federal budget and the mandate which eliminates “hidden tax” and is essential for efficient health care reform. Supported by data and analysis provided by Congressional Budget office, economists Jonathan Gruber, David M. Cutler and others. View complete interview at and additional reports at The site focuses on details of implemented health care delivery system reforms that improve care, lower costs and reduce health care spending. It promotes in-depth discussions of the law and expands on health care policy issues that are supported by studies, surveys and other collected data. If you are a news organization interested in using any of the reports on your programs, please submit your request through “Contact Us” link on

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