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Tell the Tea Party to Take a Seat!
The Tea Party Republicans, led by Senator Ted Cruz, were able to close the doors of Congress, over their disagreement with the Affordable Care Act; a law that will provide health care for millions of Americans who have been living their lives in fear …
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Health care Unhealthy amount of uncertainty?
Clearly, the nation remains deeply divided on the pros and cons of the complicated new regulations known as Obamacare. But in the Monadnock region, one thing is clear. … He has no health insurance. He sees us when he has to and he's always come in …
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Employees, employers will have more options on insurance coverage starting
And that means you're in the dark about a key part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the federal law designed to reform health insurance. …. “A true analysis would look at all of the pros and cons, and it's going to be pretty close. A lot of …
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