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“Reproductive Rights: Where is the Woman?” Conference Presentation: Women and Unequal Rights in Healthcare Decisions R. Alta Charo, Warren P. Knowles Profess…

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Huckabee, a former preacher and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was referring to the provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires most employer…
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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Members and guests of the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter gathered on September 13th for a professional networking meeting at The Red Shoes, a Baton Rouge center that focuses on womens spiritual and personal growth. The organizations Executive Director inspired members and guests with her talk of their program, Lifting Loans, which is geared toward empowering women entrepreneurs.

Before NAPW Baton Rouge, LA President Trina G. Armstrong introduced the Executive Director of The Red Shoes, she welcomed Spenceyawnti (Spence) St. Amant, the Chapters newest member. Spence, the mother of three, is an accountant for the State of Louisiana whose responsibilities include budgeting and financial analysis.

Our new member told the crowd she enjoys being in a happy atmosphere, which makes her a perfect fit with the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter! said Trina.

This months venue for the networking meeting was also a perfect fit for the Baton Rouge, LA Chapter. The Red Shoes is a center that focuses on womens spiritual and personal growth. Yoga and meditation, arts and crafts, and wellness activities plus programs geared toward women entrepreneurs, are just a sampling of what the organization offers.

Wendy Herschman, the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, took the floor to give members and guests an overview of the history of The Red Shoes.

The center is named for the red shoes that Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz believed she needed to get back home, explained Wendy. At the center, women are encouraged to find themselves and tap into the talents they already possess, forsaking what others believe they should do or be in the world.

Wendy went on to speak about the organizations Lifting Loans program, which gives women entrepreneurs a lift in getting their small businesses off to a good start. The micro loan is offered at a 5% interest rate to qualifying applicants. The Coordinator of the Lifting Loans program provided members with the actual application that is used to evaluate the feasibility of granting a small business loan.

At the conclusion of The Red Cross presentation, we were given a tour of the center. The main rooms feature meditation and arts and crafts activities, said Trina. The atmosphere at The Red Shoes was very warm and inviting. Members stated they plan to revisit the facility.

At the conclusion of the tour of the facilities, the Chapter President introduced the first segment of All Eyes on You, a new standing agenda item that Trina introduced at last months meeting that showcases members individual accomplishments and successes.

As President of NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Chapter, I believe that every effort should be made to promote NAPWs mission of empowering women and highlighting their ongoing successes.

Accordingly, Trina and the other members present at the meeting, Olevia M. Holland-Cooper, Alison R. Woods, and Spence St. Amant, all had the opportunity to let the others know about something positive that took place in their lives and/or careers since they last met.

Trinas accomplishment since last months meeting was she had secured two local business sponsors for the Susan G. Komen Pink Out initiative. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the Chapters adopted charity, had asked that the Baton Rouge, LA Chapter serve as their champion of the Pink Out initiative by getting local businesses to donate to the cause.

Businesses will compete by donating $ 250 to the Susan G. Komen charity and decorating the front door of their businesses in pink during the month of October, said Trina.

Alisons accomplishment was that she had agreed to be a volunteer at future Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure educational events, such as health fairs.

Olevia was happy to announce she started a book club and recently received her Insurance Adjusters license.

Spence mentioned she is charting her next educational move and is considering whether to pursue her C.P.A. license or an M.B.A.

Trina also shared the latest NAPW news with members and suggested everyone visit the NAPW website for updates. She encouraged the women to check out the discounts that are available to members that allow them to save money with retailers who have partnered with NAPW.

A further discussion on the Chapters charity of choice, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, continued with Trina and Alison giving an update on the Komen Volunteer Casting Call rally, which was held August 25th. Trina reminded members of the upcoming Perfectly Pink luncheon scheduled at the Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel on September 30th and encouraged them to show up in their prettiest pink outfits. She also reiterated dates for the remaining 2012 Komen events.

Upcoming 2012 NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter monthly meetings are planned for Wednesday, October 10th and Wednesday, November 14th. A representative from Komen will be the featured speaker at the October meeting. Trina has invited a Mary Kay consultant to present at the November meeting. Beauty consultations are planned to give members and guests makeup tips just in time for the holidays. The date for the end of the year mixer is to be determined.

The meeting concluded with members expressing how much they had enjoyed the visit to The Red Shoes and the discussions that took place during the meeting, said Trina.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

For additional information regarding the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter and/or NAPW, please visit

Follow NAPW on Facebook and Twitter.

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Afghan Women Demand Rights as 16yo Girl Lashed by Muslim Clerics: Women's Rights Protest in Kabul

Over 100 women have taken to the streets of the Afghan capital Kabul demanding better protection of women’s rights after the public flogging of a 16-year-old girl by a local cleric over alleged “illicit relations”. The young girl was sentenced to 100 lashes earlier this month by three clerics in the south of the country, highlighting the increasingly precarious situation women face in Afghanistan. The older sister of the 16-year-old victim marched at the head of the demonstration and condemned the clerics’ decision. Human Rights Watch researcher Heather Barr says that the Taliban’s enduring influence means violence against women is hard to root out. Human Rights Watch researcher Heather Barr: “There are certainly parts of the country where the Taliban is making decisions about who should be punished and behaving as if they have their own courts, in a way which is not different from 2001 and it shows the limited capacity of the government to provide rule of law in areas that are controlled by the Taliban. This flogging case comes only months after a video emerged of a 22-year-old woman accused of adultery being shot dead to cheers of jubilation from a male crowd just over an hour’s drive from Kabul. Human Rights Watch researcher Heather Barr: “There are a lot of cases happening in Afghanistan where there is violence against women, executions of women, beatings of women and the government doesn’t seem to be doing its job in terms of providing justice in these cases

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Who creates harmony the world over? Women. Who signs peace deals? Men Story from: Image Attribution: Public Domain? Report calls for more balanced approach to resolving conflict and says female view on freedom from violence is neededAround the world women make peace in their homes and communities on a daily basis. But when it comes to negotiating and signing peace deals on a national or international level they are almost universally shut out according to a report that calls for a more balanced approach to resolving conflict.A 2000 UN security council resolution that called for equal participation for women in “the maintenance and promotion of sustainable peace” has been almost totally ignored not least by the UN itself says the report. There have been no female chief mediators in UN-brokered peace talks and fewer than 10% of police officers and 2% of the soldiers sent on UN peacekeeping missions have been women.Fewer than one in 40 of the signatories of major peace agreements since 1992 have been female according to the UN development fund for women Unifem. They played a bit part in settlements in El Salvador Guatemala Northern Ireland and Papua New Guinea but in 17 out of 24 major accords ” including Croatia Bosnia Sierra Leone Burundi Liberia Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo ” there was zero female participation in signing agreements.A report published by the Institute of Development Studies funded by ActionAid and Womankind Worldwide
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Codepink activist Army Col. Ann Wright and Laura Mills talk about why they disrupted Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan during his opening address at the RNC. The two women spoke up against the Republicans fight to limit womens rights and control their bodies for them, Shooting “Fund healthcare not Warfare and My body my choice” For more information check out and follow on twitter at @codepink
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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Years after a large study on hormone replacement therapy revealed health risks among older women using it to prevent chronic disease, the number of women who take hormones continues to decline, according to a new study.

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Excerpt from introduction of War On Women Resolution by prime sponsor Marybeth Kuznik of Westmoreland County from the floor at Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee Meeting on June 9, 2012. ………… Floor Remarks of Marybeth Kuznik introducing Resolution in Support of Women’s Rights and Against the War on Women Mr. Chairman, I rise today because there is no question that there is a War on Women. Our opponents have an agenda that threatens to roll back decades of progress in women’s rights and civil rights. It seems that each day brings a new atrocity. Just this past week we learned that our opponents do not support equal pay for women for equal work. And we’ve seen the Violence Against Women Act, a bill that has served admirably for two decades, being gutted to provide less protection for women. At the state level, under the Corbett Administration, things are not much better. We have had a ridiculous, intrusive ultrasound bill proposal, we have had women’s clinics and access to healthcare curtailed and cut back; programs that support and help women and families are being cut, and cut, and cut — and every day it gets worse. There is a War on Women. It falls to us as The Democratic Party to stand up and fight back. But there is one voice in this fight that is missing or very much underrepresented and that is the voice of our Democratic Women in elected office. Mr. Chairman, it is no secret that Pennsylvania is one of the bottom states in terms of number of women who
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American women are worried about Mitt Romney’s attacks on women’s health. Why? Mitt Romney has said he will “get rid of” federal funding for Planned Parenthood. When he was pressed on where women should go for the important medical services Planned Parenthood provides — like cervical cancer screenings and breast exams — he was dismissive, saying that “they can go anywhere they like.” Well, anywhere except Planned Parenthood if Mitt Romney gets his way. When it comes to women’s healthcare, it’s clear that Mitt Romney has other priorities. When it comes to Mitt Romney, it’s clear American women just can’t afford his policies. “Women Are Worried: Mitt Romney’s attacks on Women’s Health” Tweet it: Facebook it: Tumble it:

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