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Pharmacists are now taking on a new role to address the growing healthcare needs and demands of Americans.

How pharmacists address the healthcare needs of patients

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A group of healthcare providers, community activists and town leaders are moving ahead with an organized effort to improve access to healthcare for Windsor residents.

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Healthcare project defines local need

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GOP candidates bash health care reform on the stump but take advantage of it in private Republicans are making health care reform a huge issue in the Nov. 2 election, with candidates vowing to block national reform from being implemented in Wisconsin because the free market allegedly is superior to government-aided health care. Yet these same Republican candidates—Ron Johnson, for U.S. Senate …

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Republican Hypocrisy on Health Care

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Rep. Dean Cannon of Winter Park and the Republican designate to be the next House speaker in November, has sent out this letter to state agency heads and Cabinet officials. In a nutshell, he says, state agencies should not be…

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Cannon alert: Legislature will micro-manage health care …

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Federal health advisers say patients with failing kidneys should continue taking a group of widely used anemia drugs, despite a recent study showing they can increase the risk of stroke.

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FDA panel backs anemia drugs for kidney disease

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Shares of Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc. rallied Monday after the Food and Drug Administration approved the company’s Bromday as a once-daily eye drop to treat inflammation and reduce pain in patients following cataract extraction.

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Ista Pharma gets FDA approval for Bromday eye drop

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Thе Truth: Thе main House bill, HR 3200, actually bans thе coverage οf illegal immigrants. According tο Section 246 іn thе bill, аnу type οf health insurance exchange οr public option wουƖԁ forbid payments “οn behalf οf individuals whο

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Q&A: Do you agree that the following are lies intended to stop …

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As she has done relentlessly since winning the GOP nomination, Angle accused Reid of being the embodiment of what is wrong with Washington and challenged him to defend the Democratic legislative record, particularly on health care

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RealClearPolitics – Reid and Angle Spar on Health Care, Economy

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A handpicked district court judge in Florida rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, allowing challenges to the constitutionality of the law on two counts to go forward.

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Health Care Lawsuit to Go Forward in Florida | FDL News Desk

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CVS Pharmacy Inc. has agreed to pay $75 million in fines for allowing repeated purchases of a key ingredient in the making of methamphetamine in at least five states that also led to a spike in Southern California drug trafficking, authorities said Thursday.

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APNewsBreak: CVS fined for sale of meth ingredient

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