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Health care website frustrates Spanish speakers
Mirroring problems with the federal health care website, people around the nation attempting to navigate the Spanish version have discovered their own set of difficulties. The site,, launched more than two months late. A Web page …
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More older Americans sign up for health care
WASHINGTON — It's an older, costlier crowd that's signing up so far for health insurance under President Obama's law, according to government figures released Monday. Enrollments are lower for the healthy, younger Americans who will be needed to keep …
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Why Was Desperate to Switch Hosting Providers
The last three months of 2013 were a roller coaster for, as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) struggled with network outages on Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon, while juggling self-imposed deadlines for policy …
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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) August 20, 2012

As healthcare reform continues to be debated in the national legislature, insurance brokers will require access to in-depth information on additional low-cost insurance alternatives they can offer to businesses. For this reason Connection Benefit Group has launched a newly redesigned website, highlighting their products and dedication to being a valued partner for insurance brokers. Joining with Nashville web development and design company, Horton Group, Connection Benefit has made available an additional online resource for brokers who are seeking to give more companies access to an affordable alternative or complement to current insurance coverage.

We needed a website that expressly illustrated our ability to serve the broker community, their clients, and their clients employees, stated Connection Benefit Group CFO John Markham. We are very happy with our new site and believe it creates a more focused understanding of exactly what our capabilities are.

The navigation on the new website is open and simple, containing only a few basic menus. Each section of the website has been designed to guide visitors from one page to another effortlessly. A majority of the site is dedicated to explaining how insurance brokers can build on their success by partnering with Connection Benefit Group. Under a section of the website labeled Join Our Team brokers can find additional information on how Connection Benefit Group will give them the opportunity to do more for business owners by providing employees with an affordable insurance alternative. Also from the main menu, visitors can click on the Our Services, section to learn how Connection Benefit Group supports its partners. Support services include a review of current benefits packages, finding the best solution to match a companys needs, and making professional recommendations on available products.

We want this website to be a useful resource for our broker partners, stated Markham. Our hope is that it will act as a tool for brokers and business owners looking for more health and lifestyle coverage options they can offer employees.

In addition to details over Connection Benefit Groups catalog of services, they have also provided a breakdown of each product they offer along with downloadable descriptions of the products. Everything a prospective broker or employer would need to better understand the products and options offered by Connection Benefit Group can now be found on the website.

About Connection Benefit Group

Connection Benefit Groups core mission is to provide its members with affordable access to high-quality, health care and lifestyle benefits. Their discount medical and lifestyle plans are not insurance plans. They are a low-cost alternative or complement to insurance. For a low monthly fee, members receive access to participating providers who have agreed to provide health care and lifestyle products and services at discounted rates. Connection Benefit Group offers a high level of customer service and works members through every step of the process from consultation and enrollment to billing and administration.

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Fargo, ND (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

Family dentist, Jim Lundstrom, DDS, has announced the launch of a new, patient-focused website created by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. Dr. Lundstroms practice is utilizing the website to educate the local community on the importance of oral health. The website includes patient testimonials and a frequently asked questions page to address common dental topics ranging from oral hygiene to gum disease.

My favorite part of our website is the fact that it is so interactive. We have created a site that highlights some very important factors of our dental practice. Anything you want to know can be found on the site. Visit ‘Our Practice’ and meet our team of talented clinicians and administrators. Click through the ‘Smile Gallery’ to see the smiles we have created for our patients. Once you have visited those areas of the website, you are able to view what appointments we have available and fill out an appointment request that goes straight to our Patient Care Coordinator. The available appointments are updated daily and are always an accurate look at our day-to-day schedule, said Dr. Lundstrom. He added, We have found a way to make our website more than just a website; I look at it as an educational tool. I couldnt be happier with the outcome, and I think our existing and potential patients will agree.

The website possesses various interactive attributes including an available appointments page, a Smile Gallery with examples of Fargo cosmetic dentistry procedures, and a Smile Analysis feature to help patients make better informed decisions about their oral health. Current and prospective patients now have access to information about referring doctors, educational videos, and other informative content when they visit the website. Some of the services offered by Dr. Lundstrom include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Restorations

Family Dentistry

The website also utilizes extensive search engine optimization techniques to reach patients and local consumers who are searching for relevant information about Fargo CEREC dentistry.

In todays world, being online is the only way to go. Our lives are so fast paced and busy that convenience drives our decisions. Im happy to provide my patients with that convenience in regards to their oral health, said Dr. Lundstrom. He went on by saying, Our site has a FAQs section for patients searching for answers regarding dentistry. We have a place for existing patients to log on and gain access to their upcoming appointments or even pay their bill online. New patients can explore our practice just by visiting this site. The site literally allows us to put our practice at their fingertips.

About Jim Lundstrom, DDS:

Dr. Lundstrom spent his undergraduate years attending Concordia College and went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota in 1993. After college, he came back to his native home of Fargo, ND to establish Lundstrom Family Dentistry, where he and his team continue to provide comprehensive dentistry in a warm and modern environment. For more information about how Lundstrom Family Dentistry can positively impact your oral health, visit their website at

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Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

RACmonitor, the premier provider of regulatory audit news and information, is unveiling its revamped website this week, the first major site overhaul since the online news organization went online in December 4, 2008.

Among the major changes include an increased social integration component that allows users to share instantly breaking news stories via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and over 300 additional social networking platforms.

Built on the most current version of Joomlas web platform, the RACmonitor site boasts enhanced performance and speed. It has been optimized for web browser both old and new versions.

Used as a reference for visitors seeking current and past activities by the recovery auditors, sites front-page news and article user interface has been improved. It is now more efficient for visitors find the latest news on the homepage.

RACmonitor was formed in 2008 to bring together healthcare providers, looking for solutions to help them deal effectively with issues arising from the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program that was mandated by Congress by offering tools and solutions from established healthcare vendors.

Although the RAC program was a pilot project involving four states, CMS rolled the program out nationally in 2010.

In 2011, CMS changed the RAC name to Recovery Auditors in recognition of an expanding category of auditors including the Medicaid RACs and the Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs).

Today, RACmonitor, with more than 35,000 visitors, has expanded its coverage to include auditing activities taking place in outpatient facilities, home health and long term care hospitals.


RACmonitor, a division of Panacea Healthcare Solutions, Inc, is an online news and information source to help healthcare providers make informed decisions for their organizations on the activities of Recovery Audit Contractors the congressionally mandated program under the auspices of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). RACmonitor is not affiliated with any governmental agency but is a source for healthcare providers in all settings.

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Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Mary Washington Healthcare has launched a new mobile website to meet demand from a fast-growing population of smartphone users. The mobile site will allow iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users to easily access a free, 24-hour nurse hotline, emergency room wait times, and even search for doctors.

Users who access from web-enabled phones will be directed to the new mobile site which is the latest effort by Mary Washington Healthcare to provide more information in a format for patients and community.

For the busy person on the move and without access to a computer, this easily-navigable website allows the user to quickly find important information they need when looking for healthcare such as:

Free, 24-hour Nurse Triage hotline
Emergency Room wait times, directions and maps for all three Mary Washington Healthcare locationsLees Hill, Stafford and Mary Washington Hospitals.
Contact information for Stafford or Mary Washington Hospitals, allowing the user to find a patient at the touch of a button
A searchable Physician Directory
The latest news
Site search
Links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Mary Washington Healthcare Radio
The content on the Mary Washington Healthcare website

Facebook users are encouraged to provide feedback at:

Incoming search terms:

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Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Sustainable, natural skin care company, Marie Veronique Organics, has relaunched their website using a significantly improved platform to provide a better customer experience. While customers will recognize the same clean, modern look and renowned 4-step, natural skin care process, many of the changes and upgrades will enhance the customer experience by expanding their educational resources, social shopping capabilities and offering a simplified, secure shopping experience.

“Our goal during this process was to focus on what mattered most to our customers,” says CEO Hillary Peterson. “Our customers are social savvy and smart, they are diligent and passionate about their health. Many of the new features we’ve integrated into the new system will not only make shopping easier for our customers, we’ll also be able to become a valuable resource to help them navigate through the often confusing world of safe, effective skin care.”

The new website boasts a better customer account management experience, including order management and status capabilities. Customers will be able to:

access, edit and store billing and shipping addresses;
view order status and shipment tracking; and
store your favorite products, sizes and tint selections for easier rendering

In addition, Marie Veronique Organics has continued their commitment to providing educational resources including how-to videos featuring their 4-step skin care process, an expanded skin care research archive and their popular Advice+Tips blog which features the latest natural skin care, anti-aging and healthy lifestyle tips.

To learn more, please visit:

ABOUT MARIE VERONIQUE ORGANICS: As a former chemistry teacher, Marie developed Marie Veronique Organics with her daughter, physicist Dr. Jay Nadeau. Maries goal was to create a skincare line that would allow her to age gracefully and naturally. We are honored to provide you with the smartest anti-aging products on the market. We have a deep scientific understanding of the aging process and we look to nature to provide ingredients that will nourish the skin to aid in slowing down the aging process, says Marie. Marie Veronique Organics operates responsibly and sustainably, sourcing fair trade, organic, and/or locally grown whenever possible, and using biodegradable products, labels, and easily recyclable packaging. Ten percent of company profits are donated annually to The Acumen Fund, a non-profit dedicated to creating better opportunities for women and children in Third World countries. Marie Veronique Organics award-winning facials are available in select spas, including:

-Solage voted #1 spa in the Americas and Caribbean by Conde Nast Traveler readers.

-The Inn at Palmetto Bluff recognized by Travel + Leisure as the #1 spa in the U.S.

-Esperanza recognized by Travel + Leisure as the #1 spa in Mexico.

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Portland, OR (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Cosmetic dentist, Kyle Valentine, DMD, has announced the launch of a new, patient-focused website created by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. Dr. Valentines practice is utilizing the website to educate the area on the importance of oral healthcare. The website includes various educational resources including a FAQs page with answers to frequently asked dental questions and patient testimonials highlighting some of Dr. Valentines remarkable work.

We hope that patients will learn valuable insights from our website on how to better care for their oral health. This will ultimately help them avoid costly, time consuming treatment that develops without proper care and professional preventative dental care, said Dr. Valentine.

The website possesses interactive attributes including educational videos and a free Smile Analysis feature that help patients make better informed decisions about their oral health. Current and prospective patients now have access to information about treatment options, patient reviews, recent dental news, before and after photos of dental procedures, and other informative content when they visit the website. Some of the services offered by Dr. Valentine include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

The website also utilizes extensive search engine optimization techniques to reach patients and local consumers who are searching for relevant information about Portland, OR cosmetic dentistry.

There is so much information on the website and we believe it is important that patients have sound professional recommendations and education material readily available. The wrong information can set patients back years in regards to dental health, said Dr. Valentine. He continued Our website is focused on providing dental education based on the most accurate science and best technology available today. It is very important that this information is provided by an experienced dental office focused on the medical model of preventative care.

About Kyle Valentine, DMD:

Dr. Valentine is a native of Portland, Oregon, and studied at some of the most well-renowned dental schools in the country. These include the SPEAR Institute, the OHSU School of Dentistry, and the Advanced Implant Institute. In addition, he has completed a post-doctoral program at UCLA for IV sedation dentistry and has his Class II sedation permit with the Oregon Board of Dentistry. He is a member of various dental organizations including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the American Dental Society, the Oregon Dental Society, the Clackamas Dental Society, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Sunset Study Club. For more information about Dr. Valentine and sedation dentistry in Portland, OR, visit his website at

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Park City, UT (PRWEB) April 03, 2012

Today, Zane Benefits, Inc., a leader in Defined Contribution Health Plans and Private Health Exchanges, announced its new website, designed to educate employers, accountants, and health insurance professionals about the new federal regulations allowing simplified employer health benefits.

As group health insurance costs continue to rise, employers are looking for ways to offer health benefits at a lower price. Zane Benefits online defined contribution health plan allows an employer to name its price. Rather than paying the costs to provide a specific group health plan (a “defined benefit”), employers instead fix their costs by establishing a monthly dollar amount (a defined contribution) that employees choose how to spend.

The new highlights the companys online health benefits software that enables small businesses to implement and administer a defined contribution health plan in less than five minutes per month.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court completed final arguments in United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Case 11-398 on the constitutionality of the Health Reform law scheduled to take effect in 2014. Regardless of which way the Court rules, it is clear that the new defined contribution method for small business health benefits will stand.

According to Rick Lindquist, President of Zane Benefits, It’s time to reshape the way we think about employee health benefits. Today, more than 3 million small businesses do not offer health benefits to their employees due to cost, participation, or administrative requirements. And, that number is expected to increase by 2014 regardless of health care reform.

According to the website, the two primary benefits of Zanes online program include:

1. No Minimum Contributions Requirements This allows a small business to define a contribution it can afford.

2. No Minimum Participation Requirements This allows a small business to set its own eligibility and/or participation requirements.

Using the Zane program, employers make available a tax-free monthly allowance that employees use to purchase their own individual policy directly from a carrier or independent licensed health insurance agent. Or, if an employer is not able to provide an allowance for certain employees, such employees may use a portion of their pre-tax salary to purchase a policy. This increases the employees after-tax purchasing power by 20 to 40 percent and also reduces the companys payroll liabilities.

Im particularly pleased we are announcing our new online education center on the same day that the entire nation is focused on health benefits, said Professor Paul Zane Pilzer, the Founder of Zane Benefits and the author of the book The New Health Insurance Solution.

Most people dont realize that small employers with less than 50 employees are exempt from the employer mandates in the Health Care Reform bill, Pilzer added. Small employers today benefit from the increased availability of affordable individual policies regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court eventually rules on the bill.

About Zane Benefits, Inc.

Zane Benefits, Inc, a software company, helps insurance brokers, accountants, and employers take advantage of new defined contribution health benefits and private exchanges via its proprietary SaaS online health benefits software. Zane Benefits does not sell insurance. Using Zanes platform, insurance professionals and accountants offer their clients a defined contribution health plan with multiple individual health insurance options via a private health exchange of their choice. Learn more at

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Deerfield Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

Remember when the college experience meant moving away from home, living in dorms, cheering for your football team, and was something pretty much reserved for 17 and 18 year old high school graduates? Education has changed and College Complete ( or 877-543-2655) is there to help people find their way. College Complete is announcing the expansion of its website to include research on hundreds of jobs, their educational needs, employment expectations and typical salaries with [

Today, adult learners between the ages of 20 and 60 are returning to school in record numbers, taking advantage of federal financial aid options, as well as advancements in educational technologies that facilitate interactive online learning. Some are completing degrees that they started long ago, some are attaining the degree they always wanted, and some are seeking the short-term vocational training needed to capitalize on the ever-growing number of skilled trade job opportunities. Whatever their motivation, one thing is for certain this new approach to higher education is completely redefining the college experience.

Driven by one of the toughest economic eras in recent memory, these non-traditional students are the fastest growing group in higher education and College Complete was formed with them in mind., a no-cost educational matching service based in Deerfield Beach, FL, has been working with adult learners since 2010, helping them identify and locate school and program options that both fit their lifestyle, and that help them achieve their personal or career growth goals.

The best thing we can do for our students is to show them that they have options, says Jason Shatzkamer, Co-Founder and President at College Complete, Its remarkable how well the schools, themselves, have adapted to their new audience, offering online, night, and weekend classes to allow for non-traditional students, but at the same time it can be difficult for students to figure out which of these schools and options is the right one for them.

College Complete works with students from any state, looking for any degree program or certification, from dog grooming, to Microsoft and Cisco certifications, to plumbers and electricians, to teachers and nurses, all the way up to Doctorate in Criminal Justice. Similar to a high school guidance counselor, College Complete helps students identify between one and three schools, and then connects them directly with these schools, along with a checklist of questions to help compare and contrast, eliminating the confusion associated with taking that first and most important step. has gone to great lengths to inform the public of their service, including sponsoring the Number 6 Chevrolet Silverado in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and tapping driver Justin Lofton as their spokesperson to help bring College Completes message to the tens of millions of NASCAR fans around the world.

And although additional television and online awareness campaigns are planned for 2012-13, the message is already taking hold. Since opening with 15 employees just over a year ago, College Complete has more than doubled its workforce to accommodate the increase in student demand, and plans to double yet again over the course of this year, creating more than 75 jobs in its Deerfield Beach, Florida headquarters. No prior experience in the educational field is needed for these new positions, as College Complete has created a best of breed technology and training program to support their Education Advocates.

Although many of the hands-on programs and trades do require on-site classes, many adult learners are leveraging accredited online educational institutions (including state schools), where they now have the ability to attain the degrees they were once only able to get on campus, obtaining the education that they desire while still working full time jobs.

Recent government studies confirm that an education pays – the Bureau of Labor and Statistics most recent report on March 9, 2012 showed that education level has a direct relationship with unemployment.

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San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2012

After retirement, life is definitely much more relaxing, less stressful, but is not always totally easy. After retirement, many things become more difficult. Paying bills and paying for the house can usually become quite overwhelming. Usually the best option for someone in this situation can be an assisted living facility. These are like senior citizens housing that are catered towards the needs specifically of seniors. has many helpful resources and other great articles and tips that can guide you through the entire process of transferring into such senior citizen housing. The goal at is to provide insightful information for seniors as to how they can go about choosing the correct facility catered towards their needs. has many articles and words of advice from many experienced people in the industry and our resources come from those with many years of experience in the niche. Our website features many great articles on a variety of topics. We also have genuine information that will ease the transition into one of these facilities for you. There are many elements that one should consider when choosing a senior care provider. Some elements are the distance, the price, the cleanliness and the overall atmosphere of the place. The website goes into all of these in detail to provide great information for our readers.

Many of the websites that claim to have resources can often be non trust worthy. has many useful articles on a variety of subjects. This website will help you choose the provider and other crucial decisions of choosing independent senior living will be eased. It even helps out with elder health insurances and other options and choices such as independent senior living. We provide one on one communication to the loyal readers.

Senior Care Home help tries to stay as genuine as possible and user interaction is a big integral part of how the website works. This site also provide real help and real life examples as to how the best and totally understand the hesitations and other questions you may have and we do our best to help you out and fix those. This site also keep all your information private because we also understand the importance of privacy. Seniors should be able to enjoy life without responsibilities in a calm, serene and healthy way. At Senior Care Help Home, we take that into consideration and plan accordingly to help out people, with things such as elder health insurance.

This website was set up to help supply seniors with useful and relevant information that they can put to use in their day to day life. Seniors are encouraged to interact by commenting and asking questions with other readers of the website to gain some insight and learn some of their techniques and learn their advice. At senior care help, we believe in building a community in which interaction is an asset.

Senior Care Help Home has advice on the following topics:

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