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Magsaysay laureate challenges Pinoys to bring healthcare rights violations to SC
The Supreme Court has issued landmark rulings protecting citizens' rights to vote and to enjoy a better environment. But in its entire 112-year history, it has yet to be confronted with a case concerning one of the ordinary Filipino's basic rights—the …
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The right's healthcare “revolution” is a scam
Reforms to defend the mentally ill and disabled, to protect the privacy of health information, to open free clinics for the poor, and to increase the use of “informed consent” prior to medical interventions were achieved, in part, in the name of …
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A Fascinating Case Over Who Has the Right Over The Remains of a Loved One
Because Collins had never become incapacitated before her death and because no physician had ever certified her as incapacitated, the health care agent never became Collins's attorney in fact under the DPOA, so Shoemaker never had the rights to the …
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Rep. Maxine Waters charged with ethics violations
A House panel announced Monday that it had charged Rep. Maxine Waters with violating ethics rules, setting the stage for a second election-season trial for a longtime Democratic lawmaker and adding to the party’s political woes

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Minnesota-based 3M Co. will pay $150,000 to settle allegations of air-pollution violations at a Wisconsin facility.

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Minn.-based 3M settles Wis. air-pollution charges

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