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White Plains, NY (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

The latest edition of Care-Outlook News, produced by Alicare Medical Management, one of the nations leading care management solution providers, presents a unique look at many of todays hot topics in health care from rising visits to the emergency room for dental patients and trends in triage such as illness spikes and dosage requirements. Alicare Medical Management is a national leader in developing care management solutions that promote cost savings and patient satisfaction.

In the newest Care-Outlook News, Alicare Medical Management experts provide a unique perspective on issues that impact quality of care for patients. Claire Levitt, MS, president, examines developments in phone triage. The advantages for patients are enormousmedical advice easily accessible around the clock, fewer unnecessary and expensive visits to the emergency room, fewer office visits and a lower chance of readmission to a hospital after discharge, she says.

Julie OBrien, BSN, RN, MS, Alicare Medical Management vice president/COO, highlights the advancements in technology that boost phone triage efficiencies. Regarding a new partnership with technology company LVM Systems, OBrien says, We especially like the fact that, regardless of the screen they are on, our nurses can always see their clients customized information or nuances, which personalizes the experience and makes it all the more efficient.

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BURLINGTON — Vermont’s Fletcher Allen Health Care will be in the spotlight Monday at a national health care summit being held in Washington. …

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As Miami-Dade County commissioners consider the Jackson Health System budget this week , two looming questions are likely to be why taxpayers are footing the bill for inmate healthcare and why Jackson isn’t even trying to charge prisoners for their own care, as required by state law.

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The new U.S. health care reforms do not bode well for pharmaceuticals in the long run, says Stephen Barker, senior analyst at MF Global. He provides more insight on the sector, with CNBC’s Oriel Morrison & Adam Bakhtiar.

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“CBS Evening News” came to pay a visit on Dr. Rob Teti and his animal refuge, Chenoa Manor, last week, but it wasn’t the first time.

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Bill still in spotlight
Bill Clinton was all over the news on Friday. He was identified as the go-between in a (failed) White House effort last year to get Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania to drop his (ultimately successful) Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

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