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Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

DocbookMD, a physician-run mobile health technology company based in Austin, Texas has reached an agreement with the California Medical Association this week to expand an existing relationship with counties to become the State Associations preferred provider of HIPAA-secure text messaging for their 39,000 members.

Having access to DocbookMD means physicians across California will be able to consult with colleagues with the same ease of text messaging but without the worry of incurring HIPAA violations, says Chad Shepler, Director of Partner Development for DocbookMD. With 4 out of 5 physicians using smartphones and tablets at work, DocbookMD is fast becoming a valuable resource for physicians seeking to improve the quality and speed of patient care in hospitals and clinics across the U.S.

DocbookMD helps physicians, hospitals and groups:

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Petaluma, California (PRWEB) October 07, 2013

AccountMate Software Corporation today announces an expanded vertical partnership with National Payment Corporation for a new online payment solution with BenefitVault for benefit options and automated payment processing including options for Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (or ObamaCare).

This is an important time to address these insurance issues. Working with our Channel partners and their clients, said David Dierke, CEO and President of AccountMate, we want to help ensure that this process is as seamless as possible.

BenefitVault is a patent-pending, on-line, payment solution that allows individual employees to shop and choose from any benefit product and have payments deducted from their paycheck — requiring no administration for employers or their staff. For employers this means no more payroll slots, escrowing employees money, SPDs, renewals, file feeds and changes, ERISA plans, compliance issue, bill reconciliation, benefit administration, HIPAA liability and much more. BenefitVault removes employers out of the middle and does it all.

Without BenefitVault, employers will pay higher costs to administer and manage benefit options as ObamaCare requires.

Companies will benefit from using BenefitVault by having all of their insurance coverage in one central, secure location. BenefitVaults secure, online cloud-based solution eliminates expensive administration to employers and allows employees to manage their payment options directly, ensuring no lapse in coverage, said Jim Hagen, Vice President of Sales, National Payment Corporation.

Under ObamaCare many employees will lose payroll deduction as an option to pay for their medical coverage and other company benefits. Many employers cannot afford the administrative costs and requirements associated with allowing payroll deductions for every product and every carrier selected by each employee on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

The Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act, a bill signed into law to reform the health care industry by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010, is designed to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance and to reduce the growth in health care spending in the United States.

ObamaCare offers a number of new rights and protections, and in exchange, most Americans must obtain health coverage by 2014, get an exemption, or pay a fee.

About AccountMate

Founded in 1984, AccountMate develops and markets fully modifiable business accounting software. Systems range from single user versions to those that support hundreds of users simultaneously. AccountMate software is available for local installation or as SaaS. It is distributed exclusively through a worldwide channel of authorized solution providers. AccountMate can be reached at (800) 877-8896 or at

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Liza Long, whose mentally ill son first went into the juvenile justice system at age 11, was among parents who appeared at a Congressional hearing to plead for changes in a system that forces them to struggle with police and health care providers to get help.Liza Long, whose mentally ill son first went into the juvenile justice system at age 11, was among parents who appeared at a Congressional hearing to plead for changes in a system that forces them to struggle with police and health care providers to get help.

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Today announced the release of an online financial planning solution to help financially un-savvy individuals understand their current and future financial health and make financial decisions that lead to more prosperous lives.

Financial planning is a complex and time consuming activity. Without easy access to financial advisors or planning tools, individuals often times end up making financial decisions that are not in their best interests. There are plethora of online tools and websites that promise to help individuals manage their money. These online budgeting and expense tracking tools fall short when it comes to helping individuals make a financial plan. simplifies financial planning by letting individuals simulate their financial future with very little effort. It uses complex financial algorithms to assess individuals ability to take care of their needs, wants, debts and emergencies today and in future. It rates their overall financial health on a scale of zero to 10 and provides a forecast for debts, total savings and goals based on the current budget and provides specific advice that will help improve their financial future.

The Finacast financial planning platform lets users start planning with very little information and is capable of accommodating all planning variables such as tax implications of certain investments, debts and purchases, life priorities, inflation, future expenses and income and investment growth projections in its comprehensive simulations. Users can view their financial future under different scenarios by adding and/or changing their future income, goals and expenses and convert that into a plan that they can follow. Finacast provides users an option to link their bank accounts for easy reporting and tracking.

ABOUT is a bay area start-up. Its mission is to use innovative technological solutions to help individuals make financial decisions that lead to more prosperous lives. Prior to, personal financial management applications only focused on bank accounts. While this makes for good bookkeeping and expense tracking, it reveals very little about financial health. That’s why Finacast shifted the focus to cash-flow and personal profit and loss, leading to customized financial advice for life events like planning a wedding, having a baby, saving for college, deciding on credit card balance transfers and home loan refinance and making new purchases.

For more information:

Contact: info (at) finacast (dot) com

Phone: 925-215-1579

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Rochester, NY (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

eHealth Global Technologies, Inc. (eHGT) continues to improve the process of integrating external medical records and imaging into referral patient workflow, more cost effectively and efficiently while improving the coordination of care for all patients transitioning to a new facility. The new eHealth Referral Management Solution (RMS) gathers patient records not generated within the system and delivers them in a digital format, incorporating an automated communication and reporting stream with the referring physician population. Inova Health Systems transplant department is one of eHGTs first customers to deploy eHealth RMS.

eHealth RMS enables cost effective web-based management of new patient referrals, while seamlessly integrating referred patient information into hospital information (EMR) and scheduling systems, stated Tim Fischer, executive vice president of sales and marketing at eHGT. This solution leverages a unified environment for managing fax, phone and electronic orders, while managing all related patient documents and images in a patient-centric, easy-to-use web interface. Our customers will appreciate how the workflow is built in making collaboration on new patient referrals for the entire care team, much easier.

eHealth RMS has been successfully launched at Inova Transplant Center in Falls Church, VA. The system allows our clinical and clerical staff the ability to seamlessly request and view outside medical records and quality diagnostic images for pathology and radiology over a secure internet connection, anywhere in the world, stated Adam Rabinowitz, Sr. Database Administrator. The user friendly interface, real-time integration with our transplant database, and intuitive design of RMS have streamlined our processes and allowed us to spend more time caring for our patients.

eHealth RMS includes the ability to provide automated communication to the referring physicians and management reports to the hospitals. Communication back to the referring physician can be automated through customizable triggers, ensuring the referral base is updated quickly on the status of their patients – saving valuable staff time, eliminating faxes, enabling patients to be seen faster and driving direct marketing for the referral base.

Real-time customizable management reports provide insight into who is referring patients and the value of each referral, for easier direct marketing. With eHealth RMS care teams can automatically route reports, information, status updates and send confirmations to the referring physician.

About eHGT

eHGT is a leading referral management and diagnostic image exchange service provider, serving over half of the nation’s top 100 hospitals and leading health information exchanges (HIEs), including 13 of the top 17 hospitals selected to the prominent Honor Roll of the Best Hospitals from the 2011-2012 U.S. News & World Report. The company’s services include the eHealth Referral Management Solution and the eHealth Image Exchange. These solutions utilize innovative health information technology to access medical records, pathology slides and diagnostic images in any format, and then securely deliver them to providers and clinicians in a digital format to improve continuity of care. Visit

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The Win-Win Solution To Reclaim Our Economy and Jobs

The Win-Win Solution To Reclaim Our Economy and Jobs

Please visit for more information. We can easily reclaim our national economy, – reduce our national debt by trillions, create millions of jobs and jump start our businesses, all by just Curbing Health Care Costs This book provides workable and practical solution that endeavors to create millions of jobs, reduce our exploding debt and deficit, and jump starting our economy by cutting health care costs. This comprehensive volume is based on extensive research, and provides middle-of-the-road solutions that reach across political aisles as a Centrist and sensible plan to get our nation’s economy back on track. The Solution is based on unleashing billions of dollars from our sky high (and still rising) health care costs. We are currently spending an unbelievable .5 trillion dollars on health care every year. These costs are completely unjustified and unfair compared to any metric you choose – 22 times faster than the population growth, 8 times faster than the wage growth and 6 times faster than the inflation! Right now practically every employer and 160 million employees across USA are getting crushed by the ever-increasing load of health care costs every year. Employers are now maxed out paying for these rising premiums every year. And now they have no choice but to push the increased premiums down the employee’s throats. And worse, due to the increased cost of production for the goods and services, our businesses are becoming more and more uncompetitive in the global markets to the extent they either have to close their doors permanently or lay off more and more employees every year. The solution proposed here in is a market driven plan that empowers the consumer by creating a very special consumer driven plan tied to a tax advantaged special health savings account called a “Healthy Life Fund (HLF)”. HLF’s are far more powerful than regular Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and will produce much higher savings for you and will dramatically lower health care costs and increase the quality of care at the same time. The book has debunked all the self-serving myths associated by this industry. Reducing these costs by as little as 10% can unleash as much as 0 billion dollars a year directly into the economy right now, which can create millions of good paying jobs right here in America and start to reduce our debt substantially. The good news is that the solution proposed in this book can reduce these costs by as much as 50% while substantially improving the quality of health care delivery to people. 50% savings means 00 billion dollars a year into our economy every year. Now that’s a real stimulus to create millions of American jobs, reduce our massive debt and jump start our economy for good without adding a red cent to our debt from the Chinese. This crystal clear clarification provides simple and workable guidelines that will produce amazing results, including lowering our debt, creating millions of jobs, and securing our country’s economic future and making health care affordable once again! Learn how to save up to ,000 or more each and every year right now! IF YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY, YOU MUST READ THIS IMPORTANT BOOK! The cost of health care is single-handedly bankrupting hard working Americans and destroying our economy! Here are a few astounding facts: * Over 60% of bankruptcies in America are due to un-payable medical bills, and over 80% of those who filed had health insurance. * Health care costs are growing exponentially. Right now they are consuming one out of every five dollars Americans produce with their blood, sweat and tears. At this rate, health care will eat up 100% of our economic output (GDP) in just thirty years from today! * Rising health care costs have caused thousands of American businesses to scale back or close, resulting in millions of hardworking Americans losing their jobs.


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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

With the monumental passing of President Obamas Health Care Reform Bill in Congress, a new study by finds health insurance cooperatives (co-ops) could provide a resolve between the largely divided American people.

According to the study, a co-op healthcare system is the opposite of the traditional, for-profit healthcare companies where the board of directors is elected by the members. The board of directors also consists of members. This type of democratic healthcare system ensures that every member has a voice.

A co-op healthcare system would also focus on low-cost care, preventative care and the use of generic medications. A large emphasis on the use of locally-produced medicine and local pharmacies would be seen as well.

Several notable quotations from the study include:

While free enterprise is encouraged in the US, there is a big problem with public healthcare providers: their insurance is very expensive.

The biggest difference between co-ops and publicly owned health insurance providers involves who is actually running the insurance company.

Perhaps the greatest potential benefit from the introduction of health insurance co-ops throughout the country is the end of the dangerous monopolies that are threatening to make affordable health insurance beyond easy reach.

Cooperative programs have worked well in other industries such as electricity, natural gas, and even dairy products.

By emphasizing education and preventative medicine, members of cooperative healthcare programs will have fewer health-related problems as they age.

To read the complete study about Health Insurance Co-ops, visit

About is a leading online provider of news and information about every type of insurance, including pet insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. The site lets consumers quickly find relevant information on all types of insurance and provides free insurance quotes. Visit us on the web at:


Dave Leonard

Phone: 888-307-5280

Fax: 813-830-7219

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Pacific Alliance Advertising provides custom solutions using traditional and new media. The company is based out of Los Angeles but handles accounts in various regions across the country and places business on a local and national basis. The Partners have extensive experience in traditional media but have fully embraced new media from day one. As such, they hired some of the best website developers in the business. These experts have worked with many of the Fortune 500 Companies and specialize in driving traffic to websites and to mobile devices.

For many years, small business owners have worked hard to grow their business but in most cases their expertise is specific to their own business category whether it be restaurants, retail stores or the healthcare industry. The majority of them are very aware of the need to promote their business but oftentimes are overwhelmed with the number of choices that are out there. What makes it even more frustrating for them is to have to deal with the unending onslaught of vendors knocking on their door or calling them while theyre busy dealing with customers. The fact that most of these vendors have strong type A personalities and insist that what theyre selling is best doesnt make it any easier.

I find it to be very rewarding when I can eliminate the headaches of our clients by dealing directly with their vendors, analyzing their offerings and deciding which options will lead to the highest possible Return On Investment says Bill Dietz, Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. The best part is that our service is free to our clients because the media providers pay us for placing the business with them.

There is nothing better than to see a company grow their revenue and go from one location to thirty-eight locations, like one of our lending institution clients did added Jesse Navarro, also a Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. When you handle an account over the years you become like family with your clients and really take their success seriously. Weve found that its critical to fully understand the goals and objectives of our clients and ensure that we provide customized campaigns and added value to help ensure their success.

Bill added We recently met with a healthcare service provider that was really taken advantage of by one of the television vendors. After reviewing their schedule we were able to save them 26% by switching them to a different provider that had a stronger presence within their trading radius and applying our negotiated rates. In addition we increased the frequency of their campaign by more than 114%, along with their reach. This was a real eye opener for the client and provided him with the peace of mind that he needed so that he could concentrate on what he does best manage his core business.

Running an efficient and consistent campaign is only part of the equation. Its equally important to ensure that the creative is compelling and has a strong call to action. To see examples of effective creative, Search Pacific Alliance Advertising on YouTube or go to

Managing Partners:

Bill Dietz has extensive experience in Media Buying and has worked at major agencies in New York and Los Angeles as a Buying Supervisor. He was also a Sales Manager for various Broadcast and Cable Television Organizations, including Tribune, Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T and MediaOne. In addition, he ran the Los Angeles Office for National Cable Communications, a company that sells advertising on Cable Systems and Cable Interconnects in over 200 markets across the country. He has also trained Managers and AEs on how to build more effective Television Campaigns.

Jesse Navarro also has extensive media experience. He started his career as an Account Executive for The Yellow Pages. He then worked as a Senior Account Executive for Comcast and MediaOne and a Sales Manager for Charter Communications and Time Warner. In addition, he was the Media Director at Greenstripe Media which handled many high profile accounts including Fletcher Jones Motor Cars.

Business owners interested in learning more about Pacific Alliance Advertisings services can visit They can also contact Bill Dietz at 310 936 5758 or via email at bill(at)paa12(dot)com

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Cambridge MA (PRWEB) May 21, 2012

Dossia, a leading health management system provider, today announced collaboration with leading stress/work-life expert Stephanie Marston, MFT, to offer 30 Days to Sanity, an effective solution to help individuals reduce stress and improve the quality of their lives, work and relationships, to Dossia users. The 30 Days to Sanity solution helps people to effectively cope with the competing demands in their complicated, stress-filled lives. 30 Days to Sanity will now be available to Dossia users through the Marketplace in the Dossia Health Manager.

The capabilities that the 30 Days to Sanity solution now provides to Dossia users include:

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