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Details of MediShield Life premiums are expected to be released soon. But while health experts say the proposed changes to MediShield Life go far enough to e…
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Question by Lover: How does the health care system work in Singapore?
Is health care in Singapore free like in the UK and other European countries? Or do people have to pay to get check ups, have surgery, use the hospital, etc?

What if somebody is poor and they can’t afford to pay for health care?

And what happens if somebody is living in Singapore but is not a Singaporean citizen?

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Answer by baba
In Singapore there is no free health care. We pay
for all the services however citizen pay much less.
All working singaporean will have an government run insurance
(the citizen themselves contribute to the cost of insurtainsurance will ensure citizen will not overly burden by too much medical cost.

For Singaporeans there are safeguards to ensure everyone can have reasonable care.

non citizen pay more or can choose to have private insurance.

I am a Singaporean

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Singapore healthcare is not perfect. But it is not bad. Last year, the International Institute for Management Development’s (IMD) World Competitiveness Yearbook rated our healthcare infrastructure as the 4th best in the world.

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Singapore Continues To Strengthen Health Care System | Gov Monitor

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Why Singapore is not a first world nation yet
OPINION It is disturbing that PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew who just passed his 87th birthday lately, had received numerous well-wishes from misinformed Singaporeans and foreigners alike for his “feat” in transforming Singapore from “third world to first” in a single generation which were given extensive publicity by the sycophantic Singapore media. Much of Lee’s so-called accomplishments [...]

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Impax Laboratories Inc. said Friday it is challenging MSP Singapore Co. LLC’s patents on the cholesterol drug Vytorin.

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Impax Labs challenges Vytorin patents

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Following Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah’s S$3.5 billion offer for Singapore’s Parkway, Ng Kian Teck, investment analyst at Sias Research speaks to CNBC’s Oriel Morrison about opportunities in Singapore’s health care space.

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Investing in Singapore’s Health Care Sector

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Shares of Singapore’s Parkway opened 1.03 percent higher on Tuesday after Malaysian state investor Khazanah made an improved offer for the regional healthcare provider.

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Parkway Shares Rise on Khazanah’s Improved Bid

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NEW DELHI – Indian healthcare firm Fortis Monday said it was opting out of the battle for control of Singapore-based Parkway, which operates 16 hospitals with over 3400 beds in Asia, paving the way for rival Khazanah of Malaysia to buy …

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India's Fortis Healthcare exits race for Singapore's Parkway

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Singapore healthcare firm Parkway Holdings asked for trading to be suspended on Monday pending the next move by Malaysian state investor Khazanah before a $835 million partial offer for the firm expires later in the day.

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Parkway Shares Suspended Ahead of Khazanah Move

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Pfizer Inc., the world’s biggest drugmaker, said Thursday it invested $100 million in the expansion of its Singapore plant that makes nutritional products for infants and children.

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