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(Reuters) – Gilead Sciences Inc on Saturday reported a 100 percent cure rate using a combination of drugs in a small number of patients with the most common and hardest to treat form of hepatitis C.

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Shares of sustainable-energy company Amyris Inc. slumped Wednesday after its second-quarter results disappointed Wall Street.

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Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Jokers Comeback Continues

I was apprehensive about having Joker headline for a second straight time but as it turned out, he ended up being the Main Event and both Joker and Dizak delivered, remarked BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts in a post-fight interview. Mike Joker Guymon kept his dream of returning to the UFC alive by winning his Lightweight fight against Xtreme Coutures own Magic Mike Dizak. Guymon had his hands full in the first round as Dizak pressed him into the cage, engaging him with a grinding clinch that kept Guymon from mounting any kind of offense. Dizak scored a takedown early in the second round but that seemed to awaken Guymons offense as he was clearly the aggressor in the round, pushing the pace with effective strikes from various positions. In the third and final round Dizak attempted to return to the approach he used in the first round but Joker evaded the clinch and when the fight went to the ground, Joker delivered relentless heel kicks to the back of Dizaks legs from the bottom position. All three judges scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Mike Joker Guymon. A fracture in Guymons right shoulder suffered early in training camp had made this the hardest training camp he had ever had, according to Joker. Guymon, who battles depression, had retired from MMA due in part to a much publicized suicide attempt. After counseling and a change in his medication, Joker successfully returned in March of this year with BAMMA USA in a new weight class (Lightweight). Guymons record is now 2-0 in his comeback attempt.

Beal Remains Unbeaten

In the Co-Main Event, The Real Deal Chris Beal won his 6th straight fight against Kana One Man Riot Hyatt, keeping his record unblemished. Hyatt made Beal work in every round and even had a tight choke in place in the third round but Beal escaped. With Beals mother in the audience, he was determined not to lose or my mom would never come to one of my fights again, stated Beal in a post-fight interview. The Real Deal had his son participate in his walk-out and with Beals younger brother also in attendance it no doubt had a positive effect on his performance. Beal appeared determined and excited the crowd by continually pushing the pace and taking chances at finishing Hyatt at every attempt. The judges agreed by giving the Knuckleheadz Boxing & MMA product a Unanimous Decision win. This marks the fourth consecutive win for Beal inside the BAMMA USA cage, a place he considers as his home.

Magdaleno Showcases Devastating Elbows

Steve The Dream Magdaleno faced constant pressure from Tom The Grinder Gloudeman early in the first round of their fight when halfway through the round Magdaleno landed an overhand right that dropped Gloudeman. The Dream pounced on The Grinder for a finish with some ground and pound but it wasnt until Magdaleno unleashed some devastating elbows strikes, that opened visible gashes to Gloudemans head, did the referee stop the fight. This marks Magdalenos third straight victory, all coming via knockout.

Jasper Moves to 5-0

Mike Jasper remained unbeaten and in the process handed Manny Sergeant Murillo the first loss of his career. Talk about an evenly matched fight, these two fighters had remained perfect through their amateur careers and four (4) professional MMA fights until they faced each other on Friday the 13th. Both fighters engaged in wild flurries of action throughout the bout. Both fighters were hurt at some point in the fight but neither could be finished. Jasper was the quicker of the two avoiding some spinning back fist attempts by Murillo. Knees to the head dropped Murillo on two separate occasions but Jasper couldnt finish the tough fighter. In a fight that Jasper described as a coin flip, the judges scores were indicative of that description as all three delivered 29-28 tallies, two of those went to Jasper earning him the Split Decision win.

Fight of the Night presented by Polanti Watches

Lew Titan Polley returned to the cage after a two year layoff to battle active-duty Marine Mike Pale Horse Smith in a Light Heavyweight fight. Smith was making his professional MMA debut but he was no stranger to competition having won numerous grappling and pankration tournaments worldwide. True MMA fans were treated to some high level Jiu Jitsu, accurate striking, and perfectly timed takedowns. It was a dog fight remarked Polley. The judges scores were split, with two of them going to Polley giving him the win in a bout that earned Fight of the Night honors and a new Polanti watch for both fighters.

Winner Take All Fight

It was appropriate that the bout between Vince Sergeant Ortiz and Chris The Urban Legend Culley took place in the ballroom of the largest poker casino in the world as both fighters were all in. Thats right both fighters agreed that the winner of this bout would walk away with both purses. The third fight and rubber match between the two fighters began with Ortiz pressing forward with punches as Culley countered with leg kicks. Culley let his hands go a bit more in round two as Ortiz added takedown attempts to his striking attack. Late in round three, Ortizs takedown attempt landed Culley on top of him. Culley took advantage of the mistake and subsequently took Ortizs back leading to a rear naked choke, forcing Ortiz to tapout with only 45 seconds remaining in the round. The trilogy is now complete.

Brown Knocks Out Thornburg Twice

Eric Brown took his consecutive win streak to three (3) straight by quickly disposing of Josh Thornburg just thirteen (13) seconds into the first round of their lightweight fight. Thornburg walked into a straight right hand that dropped him to the mat. Brown quickly landed two punches that knocked out Thornburg but the referee was slow in stopping the fight, allowing Thornburg to awake, so Brown hit him a couple of more times, knocking him out for a second time. This time the referee jumped in to stop the fight. Browns last fight ended just 20 seconds into the first round when he submitted his opponent. Brown said in his post-fight interview, my last fight lasted 20 seconds, so I wanted to top that.

Ceniceros Comeback Win

Max Ceniceros was in all kinds of trouble early in the first round against undefeated Eric E-Money Winston. E-Money rushed Ceniceros early, grabbing both his legs, slamming him sideways into the corner post and taking him to the mat for some ground and pound. Ceniceros escaped and returned with his own version of ground and pound ending the contest with only 29 seconds left in the round. It was a good comeback for Ceniceros who evened his record to 2-2 with the win.

Manlys Win Spans 11 Years

Jason Manlys only professional MMA fight was a win that came 11 years ago. Jorge The Envy Valdez engaged Manly where they are both most comfortable, the ground. The technical display of Jiu Jitsu was closely matched. Manly continually tried to submit Valdez by attempting leg and heel locks. Valdez would escape and attempt his own submissions. After three rounds the judges split their scores, with two of them favoring Manly, moving his record to 2-0.

Speedy Win for Tony Stewart

MMA Fighter Tony Stewart made his professional debut a quick one as he delivered a right hand that knocked out his opponent Teshawn Money Train Walls just 12 seconds into the first round. NASCARs Tony Stewart is best known for going fast maybe MMAs Tony Stewart is taking a page from him by finishing his fights fast.

Badbeat 6 presented by Budweiser

Friday, July 13, 2012

Commerce Casino

6131 Telegraph Road

Commerce, CA 90040

Main Card Results

Main Event- 155 lbs: Mike The Joker Guymon (14-5-1) defeats Magic Mike Dizak (5-5) via Unanimous Decision

135 lbs: The Real Deal Chris Beal

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San Ramon, CA; London (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

eQuest today announced its employment findings for May 2012 as published in its Employment Index, which can be viewed in its entirety at:

The United States eQuest Employment Index showed a slight decrease for the month of May falling from 106.42 to 106.31. The May decline was the result of a small increase in overall job postings being offset by more job seekers in the marketplace. Healthcare and Biotech led all industries with the highest indices. The Government industry was again the industry with the largest move down in the overall index rankings.

The top three Industries in the Unites States for overall job posting volume in May were Healthcare, Energy and Biotech. Production and manufacturing-based industries continue to occupy the bottom of the Employment Index driven by a continued lack of a significant number of new positions being added to the marketplace and a consistent level of higher applicant traffic. Geographically, all states had relatively stagnant index change over the month but the largest posting numbers were within states already showing favorable hiring conditions. The states with the highest hiring demand in May were New Mexico, Washington and Idaho while Missouri, Mississippi and Alabama continued to show the lowest demand indices.

The United Kingdom had another small downturn in May due to a reduction in job postings with continued steady applicant response rates. The net result of these effects was a decrease in the UK Index from 98.12 to 98.03. While the number reflects a marginal overall decrease, the gap between locations that are hiring and those that lack job availability continue to be large. Index values continue to vary widely in the UK ranging from 116.61 at the top to 80.05 at the low end of the spectrum. Eden, East Devon and Ryedale again posted the highest overall demand values while Nottingham, Kingston upon Hull and Liverpool continued a more than year long position at the bottom of the regional list for candidate demand. Even during a month of a UK downturn London continues to show better than average signs of growth with increased job volume and reasonable applicant traffic.

About the eQuest Employment Index

The eQuest Employment Index shows the spending patterns of the Fortune 500 as measured by job posting activity month over month. The index derives its findings from algorithms based on the supply and demand of open positions posted to the internet relative to the number of responding candidates. A target index of 100 reflects relative balance in the number of applicants vying for each open position posted. The data to create the index is derived from thousands of monthly job posting transactions. Reporting includes analysis by geography and industry segment, using the US governments Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) in major metropolitan areas, states and over 950 job classifications.

About eQuest

eQuest provides domestic and international job posting delivery, job board management and employment marketing services. With its global reach, eQuest posts jobs to any posting destination in the world, reaching over 180 countries and territories and thousands of job posting destinations worldwide. eQuest also provides comprehensive candidate source tracking analysis for evaluating job board performance. eQuest is one of the most recognized and admired brands in the human resource industry.

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PARIS (Reuters) – An experimental cholesterol treatment being jointly developed by Regeneron and Sanofi has shown it can lower bad cholesterol levels in difficult-to-treat patients, according to data from a mid-stage study published on Saturday.

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Impressive efficacy but worrisome bleeding was seen for a new type of blood clot preventer tested by Merck & Co in one of the largest heart-drug studies ever conducted, researchers said on Saturday, raising questions whether the company will seek approval of the drug and whether it can pass muster with regulators.

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Shares of Charles River Laboratories International Inc. advanced Tuesday after the medical research equipment and services provider reported a larger fourth-quarter profit and greater revenue than analysts had expected.

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Olympus Corp President Shuichi Takayama told its lenders on Wednesday the firm would announce its first-half results by December 14, a deadline to keep its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a banking source said.

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Jesper Brandgaard, CFO of Novo Nordisk, joined CNBC to discuss the firm’s third quarter earnings. He said the firm would be impacted by European healthcare reforms being implemented later this year.

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Drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., which will report third-quarter results before the stock market opens Thursday, likely will focus on early sales of three recently approved drugs, trends for top seller Plavix as generic competition looms and an update of its research.

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