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Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) August 18, 2012

Would you like to save big on car insurance this year? Cheaper insurance rates are possible if you take the time to educate yourself on the do’s and dont’s when looking into a new provider.

Recent studies show that many consumers don’t take the time to shop around or just take on the same insurance company as their parents and stay on the same policy for years. Failure to compare insurance quotes and know what’s available could be costing you hundreds per year. So when it’s time to finally look into what other insurance companies have to offer it’s important to keep these 5 tips in mind:

1. Get a head start. If you don’t already own a car, make sure that the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing is “insurance friendly”. Insurance friendly cars such as family sedans are cheaper to insure than high performance sports cars or luxury vehicles not just for the obvious reasons but also because they are generally cheaper to repair.

Also be sure to get the facts and avoid cars that are often stolen in your area, more info can be found at the National Insurance Crime Bureau website (

2. Take on higher deductibles. In the event of an insurance claim, the dollar value that you take on before your insurance company pays up is known as the deductible. If your deductible is increased your insurance costs are lowered. Life is unpredictable, but if you’re confident that you’re a safe driver and maybe you’re not on the road too often the risk of a higher deductible can save you up to 40% on your coverage.

3. Low-mileage discounts. Another benefit of not being on the road so much. Many insurance companies will offer low mileage discounts to drivers who are on the road less than a predetermined number of miles per year because simply put, the less you drive, the less chance of an accident.

4. Remove unnecessary coverage. Towing and car rental coverage can add more than $ 70 per year to you plan. If you already have roadside assistance (which you should!), keep safe and maintain your car properly the need for towing coverage may not be necessary.

As for rentals, if you pay with your credit card, certain credit cards will provide you a degree of coverage already. If you don’t plan on renting a car anytime within the next year removing this coverage might save you up to $ 40 per year.

5. Other safety discounts. If you have defensive drivers training, a clean driving record, no accidents in 3 years or even have safety devices on your vehicle such as immobilizers or other anti-theft devices, these can all contribute to cheaper car insurance rates.

BONUS TIP: Telemantics. If you don’t mind your insurance company acting like big brother when it comes to your driving habits there are some insurance companies that will offer a discount in exchange for a ‘black box’ installed on your vehicle. What this device will do is act a s a GPS to track you safe driving habits.

Keeping all these tips in mind when doing your comparison shopping for car insurance will save you hundreds per year. Our newly launched site; will help connect you to the top insurance companies in your area. The service is absolutely free and there is no obligation to sign up in order to receive a quote from our providers.

Try it out today and save up to $ 560 per year!

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(PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Better Insurance Choice is proud to announce the establishment of a new better alternative in the industry of helping customers find the lowest rates imaginable on all types of insurance. Quick Facts:

Find instant quotes for automobile, home, health and life insurance easier than ever before.

By working with multiple insurance providers, the company always helps consumers find the lowest rate.

Unlike competitors, the brand-new industry-leading insurance comparison service is completely free.

Professional and easy-to-navigate features cutting-edge design and features.

By partnering with a carefully considered selection of the insurance industry’s top providers, the company provides real value to consumers who want to save money on insurance. Specializing in more than just car insurance, the easy-to-use system ensures the consumer can always find the lowest-possible rate on car insurance, life insurance, health insurance and homeowners’ insurance, with complete information offered on specialized rates offered by bundling multiple policies together.

Here’s how the system works. A consumer needs only enter their zipcode and the type of insurance to begin the process., an established name in helping consumers find the insurance policy right for them, has worked with designers to provide a system that is as safe and secure as it is simple. After location information is given and the type of insurance is selected, the company shows a long list of the top providers in the industry with a customized quote, all with a minimum of personal information entered.

The whole process is quick and hassle-free, and best of all, it’s free and always will be. Some competitors charge as much as $ 69 just to help consumers find insurance quotes. Not only does the consumer avoid this with, but thanks to careful cultivation of the best and lowest-cost providers in the industry, the consumer has access to a larger collection of insurance providers than ever before. With complete quote information from each competitor, the user need only click to compare the best rates as well as the level and types of auto, home, health and life insurance offered.

Especially in the world of auto insurance where rates vary wildly by individual situation and provider, the modern consumer has learned that cross-shopping multiple providers is the only way to go if the best rate is desired. Rather than spending 30 minutes at each auto insurance provider’s website for a quote, the website’s brand-new sophisticated quote collection system takes just minutes, allowing the user to compare multiple rates at once without the need to enter the same information over and over.


The company was created after the realization that the vast majority of insurance quote websites are filled with spam, false promises and hidden fees. In setting up the brand new website insurance comparison service, the company seeks to bring integrity and clarity to the quote-finding process. If consumers can find what they are looking for in a timely fashion with all the information needed to make an informed decision, has succeeded in its mission.

To learn more or get a free insurance quote go to

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