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Question by The Contentious Otter: As an employer, why would I choose to locate a production facility in a state where there are no public?
insurance exchanges to help put downward pressures on my insurance costs in that state?

Why should I have to pay taxes to that state for all the Tea Party hillbillies who refuse to buy insurance and end up on Medicaid after they shoot their wives then turn the gun on themselves?

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Answer by Master Chief
Economic Empowerment Zones with tax abatements

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Officials are announcing that a Canada-based company will open a new vaccine production facility in North Carolina, creating 85 jobs.

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Vaccine company coming to NC, creating 85 jobs

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Hospitals in the United States could learn more from each other, as well as from hospitals elsewhere, including India, where costs have been brought down by bringing mass-production techniques perfected in manufacturing to health care. …

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Marginal Revolution: Raghuram Rajan on health care in India

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The latest gurus have even applied the production techniques to the health care arena (see Designed to Adapt). A Health Affairs article by John Toussaint (2009) shows how Wisconsin has used Toyota-style production techniques to improve …

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Simcere Pharmaceutical Group said Monday it is being fined 25.6 million yuan ($3.7 million) by Chinese authorities due to the production of substandard rabies vaccines.

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China fines Simcere Pharma unit over vaccine

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Model N Customers Already In Production With Health Care Reform Updates (HCRPaks) and Actively Involved in Jointly Developing Roadmap to Ensure Readiness For Next Phase of Requirements

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Model N Takes Lead With Customers In Rapidly Addressing Health Care Reform Impacts on Pharma Manufacturers

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