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Question by Smart Guy: Does healthcare law penalize employers for hiring by imposing federal mandate to provide healthcare coverage?
Would unemployment be much lower if we enacted the healthcare plan put for by John McCain in 2008 that would’ve freed businesses up to hire as many people as they want and allowing individuals buy their own healthcare with the same tax break that had previously be given their employer for giving it to them?

Wouldn’t we be enjoying a real economic recovery if we simplified healthcare and allowed people to buy it and businesses to simply hire with no more of a committment other than unemployment insurance?

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yes we would, Obama Care was the MOST dangerous piece of Legislation ever to be presented

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The Stench of Truth 188 As Obama’s health care “reform” measure slowly makes its way through Congress it is apparent that there is no reform, instead there will be taxes and penalties and the giant companies will continue to make huge profits, even if they are “non-profits”. Let’s have reform where it needs to be applied. A 2.5% penalty on your AGI if you refuse coverage. How about personal responsibility? The penalty is used as a source of funding for this measure, that should tell you something. Swine flu, H1N1. Tired of it. Now they are talking about a mandatory vaccine, and pandemic status. There have been 211 deaths in the US so far from it. Even if 10 times that number die in the rest of the year it is still less than 3000 people dead, compared to 36000 people every year for the regular flu. Why isn’t that a pandemic? If they try to make you get a vaccine there has to be another agenda behind it. Afghanistan is turning more deadly, and is still largely lawless even after years of fighting. Israeli soldiers admit to horrid actions in a new report about the war in Gaza. No surprise that the Israeli administration decries the report and calls their military the most “moral” of any. Telling isn’t it?

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I believe the back and forth between Senate and House was for show. Read this Duke professor's analysis of HR 3200 (short read) and I believe this is all still part of the bill. April 18, 2010 at 12:37 pm …

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