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The world’s reaction to a powerful Taliban commander in northern Pakistan banning the vaccination of 161,000 children against polio, in retaliation against frequent drone attacks by the United States, has been more or less “no comment.” That is unacceptable, writes bioethicist Art Caplan.

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Mitt Romney attacked President Barack Obama Saturday over the future of Medicare in his first weekly podcast ahead of the November election.

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A new virus belonging to the same family as the SARS virus that killed 800 people in 2002 has been identified in a Qatari man who had recently been in Saudi Arabia, experts warned.

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If you or an elderly relative have been hospitalized recently and noticed extra attention when the time came to be discharged, there’s more to it than good customer service.

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

On November 28th, 2013, Thanksgiving morning, Branches delivered 6,389 hot meals to needy individuals and families in less than four hours. This is the largest meal delivery effort in Florida on Thanksgiving Day. 1,574 volunteers at 8 sites throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties worked hard on Thanksgiving morning by putting together individual meals via assembly lines and passing them off to volunteer drivers who delivered them. Each meal included turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, a roll with butter and of course a piece of pie.

However, Branches Thanksgiving program is about much more than just a hot meal; all meals include a Meal Insert, which provides clients with valuable information about community resources and programs in English, Spanish and Creole. Branches partnered with several United Methodist congregations as well as Temple Israel to make this Thanksgiving miracle possible. The cooking preparations began a few days prior which included the seasoning of turkeys and prepping of all the vegetables, trimmings and dessert. Many volunteer chefs and cooks spent countless hours getting ready for the big day to make sure that everything went off without a hitch.

A huge thank you goes out to our premiere Thanksgiving Meal Delivery sponsors:

Carnival Foundation

Regions Bank

Brown Mackie College Miami

Molina Healthcare

Publix Charities

Batchelor Foundation

United Way of Miami-Dade

Goya Foods of Florida


About Branches

For 40 years, Branches (formerly South Florida Urban Ministries) has made a positive impact in the community by delivering on its mission to serve, educate and inspire people through student, family and financial stability services. Branches provides long-term, holistic services for motivated individuals and families. We help people grow deeper and climb higher in life by building a foundation through education so they can achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. For additional information about Branches, please call 305.442.8306 or visit

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Question by Evelyn: Why can’t I use my FSA card for over the counter purchases under new health care law?
The new health care law requires me to have a script from my doctor to purchase over the counter medication like aspirin or allergy medication. So I bother my doctor via a phone call or sometimes even pay for a visit just to get a script for something that can be bought over the counter. How is this a good use of my money that I have set aside in this account to cover my medical costs.

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
There was too much cheating. Blame the people who abused it.

The good news is that you can still buy with cash/check/credit card/debit card and submit your receipts. You don’t need to bother the doctor, although you do need to deal with submitting.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) – An Oregon jury awarded 12 Army National Guardsmen $ 85 million in damages from defense contractor KBR Inc. on Friday after finding that the company failed to protect them from exposure to cancer-causing chemicals when they served in Iraq.

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(Reuters) – Zimmer Holdings Inc said it received a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration citing problems with manufacturing and testing processes for artificial hip devices made at the company’s Ponce, Puerto Rico, plant.

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Who creates harmony the world over? Women. Who signs peace deals? Men Story from: Image Attribution: Public Domain? Report calls for more balanced approach to resolving conflict and says female view on freedom from violence is neededAround the world women make peace in their homes and communities on a daily basis. But when it comes to negotiating and signing peace deals on a national or international level they are almost universally shut out according to a report that calls for a more balanced approach to resolving conflict.A 2000 UN security council resolution that called for equal participation for women in “the maintenance and promotion of sustainable peace” has been almost totally ignored not least by the UN itself says the report. There have been no female chief mediators in UN-brokered peace talks and fewer than 10% of police officers and 2% of the soldiers sent on UN peacekeeping missions have been women.Fewer than one in 40 of the signatories of major peace agreements since 1992 have been female according to the UN development fund for women Unifem. They played a bit part in settlements in El Salvador Guatemala Northern Ireland and Papua New Guinea but in 17 out of 24 major accords ” including Croatia Bosnia Sierra Leone Burundi Liberia Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo ” there was zero female participation in signing agreements.A report published by the Institute of Development Studies funded by ActionAid and Womankind Worldwide
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