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Final project for our Legal Aspects of Healthcare class at Quinnipiac University. (c) 2012 All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 18, 2007 -

Most people would agree that there is no worse feeling than needing something and not being able to find it. The problem is compounded when the “something you need to find” are documents that detail financial holdings, insurance policies and other important documents belonging to a loved one.

“If, like most people, you keep copies of your will, savings bonds and keepsakes in a lock box or safety deposit box, you’re doing OK,” says financial professional Bill Spalding. “But, a safety deposit box can be made better if it’s managed online and includes account aggregation.”

Account aggregation is a method that involves compiling information from different accounts, which may include bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and other consumer or business accounts, into a single place. One of the best methods uses something called “screen scraping” where a user provides the requisite account-access information for an automated system to gather and compile the information into a single page. Usually this aggregated account information resides in a web-based application. With just a few keystrokes, the account holder can log in to a password protected site and view all their information online.

While such services are primarily designed to aggregate financial information, they sometimes also display other things such as the contents of e-mail boxes and news headlines.

Account aggregation programs vary in content and sophistication. Spalding prefers a program known as “Wealth Check” because of its ability to store critical documents as well as provide a running tally of the client’s net worth on a daily basis.

According to Spalding, many of the programs and websites available can get the job done, but he likes Wealth Check because it pulls together all assets, including real estate, bank accounts, investment vehicles, credit cards, frequent flyer points and other financial-related records. “The key to selecting any form of account aggregation is to select a program that best fits your individual needs,” says Spalding. Wealth Check, like some other programs, allows important non-financial documents to be included in the aggregation report as well. “By simply scanning documents like wills, healthcare directives, insurance policies and deeds, you can create a one-stop place for all your important documents to make it easy for your loved ones when they need to access them.”

“I like to tell my clients that using account aggregation software is like writing a love letter to the most important people in their lives. Think about how important it could be to have all of your important financial information in one place,” says Spalding. “As a society, we are more mobile than ever. Online account aggregation programs make critical information accessible from anywhere in the world.”

Spalding believes five tips will assist anyone in getting their financial house in order.


As with any consumer good, Spalding recommends that those looking for account aggregation research the company that provides the service. “While cost is a factor for many people, the least expensive option in account aggregation software is not always the best,” says Spalding. “You want to critically look at the company and examine what measures it takes to ensure the safety and security of your personal financial information. You may want to pay special attention to whether or not the company sells its information to other companies for marketing purposes.” Spalding warns that if a company sells its client’s information to other companies, the client could be subject to a plethora of unwanted product advertising and their personal information could be compromised. “You also want to ensure that you are using a program that offers high-level security access that is re-encrypted each time you utilize the software.”


Because there are several kinds of account aggregation software available, both online and offline, Spalding suggests that those considering using these programs must decide between online and offline options. “Both online and offline software has its advantages,” says Spalding. “My preference is for an online system because those programs often have the capability to pull your financial information from several different places to provide a holistic snapshot of your financial house. This account ‘scraping’ is one of the main reasons that I prefer online software like Wealth Check” An additional added benefit of online software is that it is often backed up on a server to ensure that if a consumer’s computer crashes, that the information one has come to rely on will still be available. Online software also allows access to the information 24/7 from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.


Traditional software can have its advantages as well according to Spalding. One of the major advantages is that personal information is not “out there” in cyberspace; this alleviates the potential for hackers to be able to access the sensitive personal financial information. “The downside is that because the information is not kept on a server other than your own, if your computer crashes, the information may be gone for good,” says Spalding. “An easy fix for that solution is to purchase a portable hard drive or a flash disk to keep the information separate from your computer’s main hard drive.”

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Healthcare outsourcing companies have diversified their offerings in order to be able to fit into the sometimes overstretched budgets of healthcare providers creating solutions suited specifically for the healthcare industry.

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There are two versions of the bill — one in the House (H.R. 3200) and one in the Senate (there is no number for the Senate bill at this point, but it is titled the Affordable Health Choices Act). Both bills forward massive increases in …

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Les Kolb clatters down narrow wooden steps. He sidesteps a snoozing border collie and enters what easily qualifies as one of the most no-frills health care facilities in Colorado.

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In tiny Crawford, health reform has one face: "Our Jenny," nurse practitioner

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Florida and 19 other states can continue their quest to throw out a controversial federal health care law, a U.S. District Judge in Pensacola ruled Thursday in an order that sets the stage for further proceedings challenging President …

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An Arizona man who lost his eligibility for a state-funded transplant due to state budget cuts learned Wednesday he is the beneficiary of an anonymous donation to pay for the life-saving procedure.

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According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, McDonald’s supposedly would have dropped the health care coverage for 30.000 employees in order.

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President Obama greets the guests at a town hall meeting in the yard of a residential house in Falls Church, Virginia, September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Jim YoungU.S. President Barack Obama launched a new attempt to convince Americans of the advantages of his healthcare overhaul on Wednesday, just six weeks before an election in which the plan has proved more of a liability than a benefit for his fellow Democrats.

Barack ObamaUnited StatesDemocratic PartyHealth carePresident of the United States

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