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Lou talks about health care reform and disrupted town hall meetings with Errol Louis, Hank Sheinkopf and Ron Christie.

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And they’ve been dispatched to more town halls to shout down Americans. Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer decided to double down on some pretty distasteful messaging today, calling some of the opposition to health care reform, “un-American” in a USA Today op-ed. Specifically, this is what the Speaker finds so unpatriotic: These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades. Town halls have indeed been rowdy (although instances of documented aggression have all gone one way: Obamacare supporter to protester), and sometimes not ideal for discussion of the ins and outs of health care reform. But Democrats and liberals have largely used one memo from a libertarian activist in Connecticut to claim a national, nefarious campaign of conservative disruption by mischaracterizing the memo and fibbing about its provenance and distribution. On the other hand, I have a memo from SEIU Local 2001 (the same Conn. district where the original MacGuffie memo originated), which cannot be misunderstood. It was issued this week in preparation for Rep. Jim Himes’ town hall in Stamford, Conn. It’s still up, but I did a screen shot, in case it disappears. Here’s the announcement: Action: Opponents of reform are organizing counter-demonstrators to speak at this and several congressional town halls

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Louis XIV
Pros: have any woman you want, have people serve you hand and foot, always be respected and admired, be one if the not most powerful man of the day. Live in a Huge palace

Cons: No modern technology, like health care, dental can’t drive places

McDonald’s assistant manager:
Pros: Get to live in the modern world.

Cons: Can’t get any women, have no respect and constantly be yelled at by customers. Have to worry about bills and employment. Yet you get to be a higher status then homeless people.

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Town Hall meeting, St Louis. The meeting ended because of crowd chaos…on both sides. Russ Carnahan couldn’t control the angry crowd, which is the few minutes of recording seen here. People were angry because this WAS NOT an open discussion about health care reform, just a neatly packaged ‘presentation’ to provide a good appearance.

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