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Loveland Personal Injury Attorney - Local Personal Injury Attorney in Loveland

Loveland Personal Injury Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer in Loveland! Just about every 14 seconds, an individual is injured in a car crash… We are personal injury attorneys serving the Loveland, Colorado vicinity and now have made it simpler for seriously injured individuals and also families put their day-to-day lives back together through aggressively battling for their legal rights. If you’ve been severely hurt as a result of no fault of your own, or have lost your family member due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness or intentional damage, call us right away. If a person has caused your injuries, the Colorado law needs them to compensate, including health care costs and lost wages should you become unable to work. We handle all kinds of personal injury cases and statements while in the Loveland vicinity such as Physical Injuries, Back and Neck Injuries, Birth Defect, Injury To The Brain, Burn Injuries, Depressive disorder, Disabilities, Hospital Bills, Injury at Work, Loss of Benefits, Losing Wages, Prescription Errors, Quadriplegia, Spinal Cord Damage, Wrongful Death, and many other issues. As prescribed by Colorado law, generally accidental injury claims have to be delivered within a precise timeframe following a accident or incident. Therefore it is vital that you have a very good knowledgeable injury lawyer handling your case without delay. We realize a physical injury can be devastating and affect every factor

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Disabled children need schools and services that are right for them. Parents need access to respite care and other support. More than half a million UK families face a daily challenge to get support for their disabled child. The current lack of local services and respite care makes it much harder than it needs to be. Scope are campaigning to change this. In this film for Scope’s Keep Us Close campaign, we meet Jane Jones and her son Jacob, who has hydrocephalus (also know as “water on the brain”), autism and a learning disability. She talks about the challenges her family faces on a daily basis as they try to get the right support for Jacob locally. Scope’s Keep Us Close campaign is aiming to get a guarantee of better support for disabled children and their families in their local area. The Government is putting a new Children and Families Bill through Parliament that will say what happens in England. The Welsh Government is also writing a new Bill to reform Special Educational Needs in Wales. We’re campaigning to get these Bills to include such a guarantee. If you’d like to find out more about how to support the campaign, click on the following link: Scope is all about changing society for the better, so that disabled people and their families can have the same opportunities as everyone else.

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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Members and guests of the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter gathered on September 13th for a professional networking meeting at The Red Shoes, a Baton Rouge center that focuses on womens spiritual and personal growth. The organizations Executive Director inspired members and guests with her talk of their program, Lifting Loans, which is geared toward empowering women entrepreneurs.

Before NAPW Baton Rouge, LA President Trina G. Armstrong introduced the Executive Director of The Red Shoes, she welcomed Spenceyawnti (Spence) St. Amant, the Chapters newest member. Spence, the mother of three, is an accountant for the State of Louisiana whose responsibilities include budgeting and financial analysis.

Our new member told the crowd she enjoys being in a happy atmosphere, which makes her a perfect fit with the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter! said Trina.

This months venue for the networking meeting was also a perfect fit for the Baton Rouge, LA Chapter. The Red Shoes is a center that focuses on womens spiritual and personal growth. Yoga and meditation, arts and crafts, and wellness activities plus programs geared toward women entrepreneurs, are just a sampling of what the organization offers.

Wendy Herschman, the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, took the floor to give members and guests an overview of the history of The Red Shoes.

The center is named for the red shoes that Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz believed she needed to get back home, explained Wendy. At the center, women are encouraged to find themselves and tap into the talents they already possess, forsaking what others believe they should do or be in the world.

Wendy went on to speak about the organizations Lifting Loans program, which gives women entrepreneurs a lift in getting their small businesses off to a good start. The micro loan is offered at a 5% interest rate to qualifying applicants. The Coordinator of the Lifting Loans program provided members with the actual application that is used to evaluate the feasibility of granting a small business loan.

At the conclusion of The Red Cross presentation, we were given a tour of the center. The main rooms feature meditation and arts and crafts activities, said Trina. The atmosphere at The Red Shoes was very warm and inviting. Members stated they plan to revisit the facility.

At the conclusion of the tour of the facilities, the Chapter President introduced the first segment of All Eyes on You, a new standing agenda item that Trina introduced at last months meeting that showcases members individual accomplishments and successes.

As President of NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Chapter, I believe that every effort should be made to promote NAPWs mission of empowering women and highlighting their ongoing successes.

Accordingly, Trina and the other members present at the meeting, Olevia M. Holland-Cooper, Alison R. Woods, and Spence St. Amant, all had the opportunity to let the others know about something positive that took place in their lives and/or careers since they last met.

Trinas accomplishment since last months meeting was she had secured two local business sponsors for the Susan G. Komen Pink Out initiative. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the Chapters adopted charity, had asked that the Baton Rouge, LA Chapter serve as their champion of the Pink Out initiative by getting local businesses to donate to the cause.

Businesses will compete by donating $ 250 to the Susan G. Komen charity and decorating the front door of their businesses in pink during the month of October, said Trina.

Alisons accomplishment was that she had agreed to be a volunteer at future Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure educational events, such as health fairs.

Olevia was happy to announce she started a book club and recently received her Insurance Adjusters license.

Spence mentioned she is charting her next educational move and is considering whether to pursue her C.P.A. license or an M.B.A.

Trina also shared the latest NAPW news with members and suggested everyone visit the NAPW website for updates. She encouraged the women to check out the discounts that are available to members that allow them to save money with retailers who have partnered with NAPW.

A further discussion on the Chapters charity of choice, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, continued with Trina and Alison giving an update on the Komen Volunteer Casting Call rally, which was held August 25th. Trina reminded members of the upcoming Perfectly Pink luncheon scheduled at the Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel on September 30th and encouraged them to show up in their prettiest pink outfits. She also reiterated dates for the remaining 2012 Komen events.

Upcoming 2012 NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter monthly meetings are planned for Wednesday, October 10th and Wednesday, November 14th. A representative from Komen will be the featured speaker at the October meeting. Trina has invited a Mary Kay consultant to present at the November meeting. Beauty consultations are planned to give members and guests makeup tips just in time for the holidays. The date for the end of the year mixer is to be determined.

The meeting concluded with members expressing how much they had enjoyed the visit to The Red Shoes and the discussions that took place during the meeting, said Trina.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

For additional information regarding the NAPW Baton Rouge, LA Local Chapter and/or NAPW, please visit

Follow NAPW on Facebook and Twitter.

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Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

A newly-formed local group, Adelante con la Salud, focused on improving Latinos access to healthcare services is bringing representatives from Massachusetts to Denver to discuss how Colorados Latinos can ensure they get the health care coverage they are entitled to as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

We held off on bringing Carlos Solis and Maria Gonzalez to Denver until we could learn how the U.S. Supreme Court would rule on the ACA, explained Melanie Herrera Bortz, co-project director for Adelante con la Salud: Latino Health Care Engagement Project. Now that the court has ruled, its time for everyone, including Latinos, to understand the benefits of the health care law.

Carlos Solis, who is bilingual, is a navigator for Health Care for All Massachusetts, a consumer health care advocacy organization. As a HelpLine supervisor, Solis has helped thousands of Latinos in Massachusettss secure health care coverage. The ACA was in many ways modeled after Massachusetts health care law, so having Mr. Solis here will be invaluable for Colorados Latino community, Herrera Bortz said.

I am looking forward to go to Denver to have the opportunity to talk to members of the Colorado Latino community. There is a lot to learn from the Massachusetts model, especially for Latinos, and I would like to share our experience with people there who will benefit, said Carlos Solis.

Maria Gonzalez is the communications director at Health Care Financing Administration and will be also available to discuss how the Massachusetts law has impacted thousands of Hispanics in the northeastern state and what Latinos in Colorado should expect with the full implementation of the ACA. The Hispanic population in Massachusetts has benefited the most from the health care reform that was approved in 2006, and we anticipate that this group will also be positively impacted by the federal law in states such as Colorado, said Gonzalez.

Solis and Gonzalez will be joined during media interviews by local health care expert Marguerite Salazar, the regional director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The ACA is vital to the health of the Latino community because it will provide access to care for thousands of Latinos and will provide free preventive services like diabetes screenings and mammograms, Herrera Bortz said. Our organization believes the ACA will do for Colorado Latinos what the Massachusetts health care law did for Latinos there, we just need to educate our community. In Massachusetts, coverage for Latinos skyrocketed.

Currently, 98 percent of MA residents are now insured and very few people (less than one percent in 2008) are paying a penalty for not having coverage. In addition, the states total health care bill has increased less than other states.

About Adelante con la Salud

Adelante con la Salud: Latino Health Care Engagement Project is a newly formed collaborative of passionate, experienced local advocates dedicated to educating Latinos in Colorado about the benefits of The Affordable Care Act and the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange using media and grassroots advocacy. The bilingual campaign will reach statewide. The group is supported financially by Community Catalyst and the Herndon Alliance.

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Valdosta, GA (PRWEB) August 23, 2012

Azalea Health Innovations (AHI), Inc. recently provided the Lowndes County Partnership for Healths (LCPFH) Partnership Health Center with their Azalea EHR system as well as donated full training and implementation services from their experienced client relations team.

The two organizations joined forces after the LCPFHs Partnership Health Center, a free primary healthcare facility staffed by healthcare volunteers who offer their time to serve the healthcare needs of the working uninsured in Lowndes County, made the decision to automate and streamline the workflow of their practice. The LCPFH was looking for an electronic health records system (EHR) which would be usable by multiple volunteers and found that AHIs Azalea EHR was a natural fit. An EHR is a collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations that may include a range of data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal stats like age and weight, and billing information.

Part of our corporate culture is to give back to the community and help non-profit organizations. This partnership fits that profile. The LCPFH is a valuable organization with volunteers who truly care about the health of their community. Providers are working full days in their own practice before volunteering at the Partnership Health Center. We are proud to call them a partner and thrilled to provide them with Azalea EHR, says Baha Zeidan, CEO of AHI.

AHIs client relations team have been diligently working with and training the LCPFH staff and volunteers for the past month to prepare them for their scheduled launch. Upon launch, the Partnership Health Center will receive a host of benefits afforded by Azalea EHR. Advantages include: access to electronic prescribing, a multiple provider and location scheduler, office workflow management feature, doctor specific internal templates and custom fields, a Meaningful Use dashboard, a secure messaging and tasking system as well the ability to give their patients access to their personal medical records through the fully integrated patient health records portal, Azalea PHR.

John Sparks, Executive Director of LCPFH says, AHI has worked with us on customizing the Azalea EHR to cater to our specific needs. As we are based on a non-profit platform, we require information that the average healthcare provider does not in order to receive grants and other funding; AHI understands that and has been very flexible throughout this process.

About Azalea Health Innovations

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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

The ladies of the NAPW Sacramento Local Chapter gathered on July 9th and 23rd for a professional networking lunch and dinner. They Chapter normally has two meetings, both a lunch and a dinner each month in order to accommodate the busy schedules of the members. The speaker at both meetings was Elisha Choice-Creek, who spoke about how women should understand the importance of budgeting and finance to ensure they dont outlast their money.

NAPW Sacramento Local Chapter President, Sharon Darrow started the meeting off by welcoming everyone, both members and guests. She reminded the ladies about the website and some of the pages available to members that they might not have discovered, such as the benefits, local chapters, and Career Tools. She also reminded everyone to take time and read the monthly Newsletter, since it is always full of good information.

The speaker, Elisha Choice-Cheek, is on a mission to help women improve their lives by empowering themselves, particularly about their finances.

Elisha did a great job conveying the importance of understanding finance and how to plan for their future, said Sharron.

Elisha was born in Stockton, and then went to Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry for 29 years. She worked in front of the camera in commercials, movies and TV, as well as in casting for all types of projects. Elisha made a lot of money, but like so many others in the industry, spent it just as fast as she made it. Then she was injured and unable to continue in the business.

Elisha learned firsthand what a major in life can be like, particularly when it was totally unexpected and unplanned for. She ended up meeting and marrying a great guy and moving to Sacramento. Together they work to educate and help people, particularly women, learn about their finances and plan a future. They provide free classes on finances and also host classes on credit repair, all at no cost. They have a new business called Wealth Watchers as well, and invite people who are looking for something in addition to their current income sources. Elisha had a wealth of statistics regarding women in our society today, and encourages all of us to enjoy the current environment where women are finally gaining greater opportunities.

During the lunch meeting Sharon asked the members for help. She explained that keeping up with the social media postings, trying to get the Foster Project going, and doing all the monthly duties was just more than she could keep up with by herself. With tremendous gratitude she accepted the offer of Michelle Hunn to handle the Foster Project, since it was mirroring what she had been working on for a couple of years. Sharon was happy to provide Michelle with information garnered from people who had volunteered their services.

After the dinner meeting Sharon let everyone know that following much soul searching she was going to step down as chapter President. The growth of the chapter has been a wonderful part of her life for 3-1/2 years, but doing it justice by herself is no longer possible in light of increased pressure from her growing business and a book she is writing. Sharon invited everyone to consider offering their services to the chapter, since it has been incredibly rewarding for her. In addition, the NAPW now has a wonderful team in place to assist new officers so they never feel alone. Naturally, Sharon will be available to help in any way possible as the title is passed on. Networking and introductions followed after dinner.

Pastor Michelle Hunn is Founder and CEO of Purification International Enterprise, also known as PIE. Their goal is to work with emancipated youth, giving them an additional two or three years to transition into adulthood in a positive and successful way. She is also the founder and CEO of Five S’s and a C, That’s Me, which is a women’s empowerment group.

Dee Brookshire is a Chief Financial Officer for Regional Transit and this was her first NAPW meeting. She is also on the Board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving as the President of the American Association of University Women, Sacramento Branch. She joined the NAPW for the opportunity to network with other like-minded professional women.

Jaime Sisson is a business consultant for Teledirect Call Center. They assist businesses and people with PBX stations, NPR stations, doing a lot of lead qualification and pretty much anything you can think of that can be handled on a phone call. They are a 24/7, 365 day call center, always ready to do whatever they can for their clients.

Jennifer Clemens is also a business consultant for Teledirect Call Center, where she has been working for nearly nine years. She has worked in a variety of positions and dealt with customers all over the country world. The company does a lot of lead qualification, order taking, for companies of all sizes. Jennifer said they had done a lot of researching on local associations to start local networking, and thought that the NAPW would be a great place to start.

Neelam Wadhwani is a professional Teacher credentialed in multiple subjects, and has taught English as a second language all over the world. She is a bit burnt on the profession after teaching in America for four years, so is looking for a different direction.

June Azevedo, Owner of Azevedo Print & Design, works closely with an excellent website designer. She not only creates the website, her partner will maintain it for you.

Teresa Shah is a social worker in Roseville, working in care management and the President of the NAPW Roseville Chapter. She has invited everyone to come join the group at one of their upcoming meetings. The Roseville meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month, at Mimi’s Cafe in the Galleria.

Sara Lopez is an Independent Health and wellness consultant. Her business is SGL Enterprises, and her focus is to help individuals actualize the healthiest possible lifestyle for themselves. She is particularly dedicated to helping those with issues regarding weight management, including a system of genetic testing to help them design a personalized plan.

Leigh Stepp is an Attorney in Sacramento with Anwyl, Scoffield and Stepp. Her practice is general business and litigation, generally from the defense side. She handles a wide range of problems, including insurance, premises, property, construction, and is here to help if anyone needs legal advice.

Corinna Villa is a retired School Teacher, has published a cookbook, and is now concentrating on oil painting.

Marcia Remington is an Administrative Assistant still looking for a position, but has also started a new business with Damsels in Defense. She is now a Damsel Pro, offering all types of personal defense items for women. Her launch party is Friday the 13th and she invited everyone to come on out.

Sharon Darrow, Owner of Travel ID Cards, is the best source for identification badges, with or without photos. She talked about her core photo ID cards, KidsTravelCards, TeenTravelCards, AdultInfoCards, and PetTravelCards. Soon she will be able to offer those products in a multi-lingual combo where you will get the English language card as well as one in an additional language of your choice. This item will be ideal for families who travel internationally.

Teddy Mathis is in the process of editing her first book, titled “The Homecoming of TJ Scoggins.” She is on all the social media sites promoting the book, and on indiegogo. Indiegogo is a funding site where you can view her video about the project and make donations to assist her in getting the book published and promoted. Sue is being assisted with the editing by our member Sue Clark.

Sue Clark began by complimenting Teddy Mathis on her sense of humor and writing style. She encourage

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New York Metro (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Starting this fall, kids in Rockland, Westchester and Bergen counties will have a chance to get fit and healthy by participating in a unique pilot program sponsored by Bounce! Trampoline Sports, well known New York area sports nutritionist Dr. Michael Wald, and the Rockland Farm Alliance.

The pilot program will involve 25 kids ages 12 15 who care about their own fitness and want to develop a program that will help other kids in the future. The program will run for eight weeks and involve exciting trampoline based activities and games, workshops on creating fun and healthy snacks, and feedback sessions on what the kids like and want to adjust going forward.

“We are very excited about our new Get Fit & Feel Great Program. We developed the idea when several parents said, ‘Bounce! is so much fun, my kids don’t know its exercise!’ We’re proud that it fits in with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and we believe this program could change the way these kids think about themselves for a lifetime,” stated Danny Fried, co-owner of Bounce! located in Valley Cottage.

Head Fitness Trainer at Bounce! Trampoline Sports and former acrobat performer Victor Byrne, will lead each class, developing new activities and programs based on the feedback from the participants. Byrne, who oversees all classes and gymnastics training at Bounce!, is also director of the VBAD Stars where he trains some of New York State’s best young diving champions at the world class facilities at SUNY Purchase in Westchester.

Teens will meet one on one with Dr. Michael Wald, Director of Nutritional Services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco,to talk about their goals and weigh in, and then the focus will shift to having fun and finding activities that kids enjoy as well as how to make healthier food choices. “It is so important for kids to know that what they take into their bodies effects the way they move, think and interact throughout the day. Regardless of whether they play competitive sports or just want to throw a ball around with friends, we want to change their mindset about living a healthy lifestyle,” states Dr. Wald who has been helping kids eat right and stay healthy for over 20 years.

The Rockland Farm Alliance, based at Cropsey Farm in New City New York, will provide organic and locally grown vegetables for the kids to sample so they can try new foods grown right in the county and see the difference it can make when something is picked fresh and grown without harmful chemicals. A trip to the Farm is also planned during the program to talk about how caring for the earth affects the foods we eat.

The class will meet three times a week for one hour beginning mid September and run for eight weeks. The children in the program will set their own goals and monitor their progress and provide feedback on what is working for them and what they might recommend for other kids for future programs. At the end of the eight weeks they will be able to evaluate their own progress and see how well they did. The fee for the pilot program is only $ 195 and registration will begin August 1st. A kickoff event is planned for September; check the Bounce website ( for details and information.

Bounce! Trampoline Sports is a 25,000 square foot facility offering all ages the opportunity to play sports, have fun and get fit on enormous courts of interconnected trampolines. They offer aerobics and acrobat classes, Bounce! Boot Camp, pick up dodgeball games and league play, slam dunk basketball, and gymnastics and tumbling training. The second Bounce! facility will open in Syosset, New York in the fall of 2012. For more details visit their website at Bounce! Trampoline Sports is located at 612 Corporate Way in Valley Cottage off Route 303, just two miles north of the Palisades Center Mall. For questions call 845-268-4000.

# # #


During his 22-years of professional practice, Dr. Michael B. Wald, Director of Nutritional Services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, has helped improve the health and quality of life of children and adults alike through dietary and other forms of improved nutrition. He has published over a dozen books on the topics of natural health, writes a regular health column for the Westchester Examiner and Baby Boomers Magazine, is a regular feature on Channel 12 News and lectures across the United States and internationally. Dr. Wald’s new book, The Blood Detective’s Guide to Longevity & Weight Loss will be published in 2013.

Dr. Wald is the founder and president of the Integrated Medicine & Nutrition Institute; he is double-board certified in nutrition; is a certified dietician-nutritionist (CDN); a certified nutritional specialist (CNS); a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN); he holds a postgraduate degree in chiropractic (DC) from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic; a PhD from the Holistic College of Nutrition; a masters degree (MS) from the University of Bridgeport; a naturopathic degree (ND) from the Clayton School of Natural Healing; he earned an MD degree from the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine, Antigua; and was past Director of Education for the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN).


Rockland Farm Alliance, under a licensing agreement with Rockland County and the Town of Clarkstown, has launched Rockland’s first community farm in New City, at the retired Cropsey farm on Little Tor Road. RFA is initially developing 5 acres of the property; the project consists of 2 core components: a working, revenue-producing farm, and an education/demonstration area. The working farm focuses on crop production to support a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, and plans to dedicate a small portion of acreage to growing specialty crops for schools. Their goal is to inspire positive change by raising public awareness of the profound importance of developing a sustainable local food system and is supported in partnership with the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

In addition, a group of dedicated volunteers works throughout the year planning and executing local events that educate and bring awareness to the local community about organic and sustainable farming practices, sustainable living practices, and localization of food and business. We bring films, speakers and events to the area, many of which are free to the public.


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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) July 20, 2012

Members and guests of the NAPW Orange County Local Chapter gathered on June 27 for a professional networking meeting at the Costa Mesa offices of SYSPRO, 959 South Coast Drive, Ste. 100, in Costa Mesa. Hosted by Monique Nabal, Manager of Technical Services at SYSPRO, Chapter members and guests enjoyed a productive afternoon of networking as well as an informative talk about the international software company. Plans for a group trip to Italy in December were also discussed.

Networking 101 is the way NAPW Orange County Local Chapter President Petra Petry described the Chapters June meeting, which was hosted by member Monique Nabal. The afternoon event allowed for plenty of time for members and guests to get to know one another.

New members were warmly welcomed and introduced to the group by Petra and connections were renewed and established.

The NAPW Orange County Chapter allows you to network with other members and grow your business. That is the entire premise of the Chapter, to help members connect and grow together, said President Petra.

The Chapter President thanked member Monique Nabal for offering her companys conference room for the afternoon and for all future meetings, since it is a convenient location for members, allows for easy networking, and offers members and guests the flexibility to bring in their own food or have it delivered.

As the guest speaker, Monique showed members and guests around the offices and filled them in on what SYSPRO does.

Monique provided the group with very valuable information about her company. She gave members and guests a mini tour of her office and explained what type of software is used for creation of everyday things around us. It was very exciting to understand that this company can help many of the smaller manufactures to grow rapidly and expand with distribution and with the computerized technology offered by SYSPRO. This successful international company is a leader in its industry and has more than 14,500 customers worldwide.

The important Technologies Awards winner helps its customers with the production of many different things, such as, food, wine, vitamins, medical devices, bikes, tailored guitars, cleaning supplies, tires, in summary, anything you can think of in big or small scale production where the software is able to manage and updates very rapidly with customers demands and even last minute changes. Monique has been a tremendous asset and excellent NAPW Orange County Local Chapter member. To contact her you can visit the, said President Petra.

The Chapter President reminded the members and guests about the Chapters Italian Tour 2012 December that is being planned. The tour is for eight days with the possibility of an extension.

We could all use some rest before the Holidays if we start to plan now, so we can budget for our trip to Italy and with the money we save, we can bring some gifts for our loved ones, said the President.

Petra took time to thank NAPW South County Local Chapter President Laura Bazerman-Swanson for her participation in the June meeting. The South County Chapter was recently launched July 12 at Mimis Caf

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What about the health-insurance exchange? That’s the No. 1 question Blue Cross of Idaho said it’s fielded since the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obamacare in June.
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