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Before you post a hateful comment on the video, PLEASE READ THIS!! Then, think before you speak. That lion’s story is a really sad one. He and SEVERAL other big cats were owned by a bad breeder. Then when they didnt want them anymore they were put in a horse trailer crammed in there. HOT, FILTHY, MISERABLE etc. By the time the sanctuary found them a leopard had already died in the horse trailer from the heat and apparently starvation. The sanctuary rescued them, got them medical care and now they have those huge yards to be in, and that den area. The beginning of the video the man who runs the sanctuary is pulling the steel bar out that secures the door between the den and yard, so the door could swing open and let the lions out into the yard for the day. This lion always acts like that if he thinks anyone is going to get near his girlfriend, and so when I wanted a video to show people what a lion in your backyard would be like, I chose to video that lion because I knew he would act like that. I often hear people say I want a pet tiger or I want a pet lion, I wanted them to see what it was really like and that it is not something they want as a pet. The state I live in does not have any laws saying people can’t own these animals in their own backyards. So, we are trying hard to get a new law passed so people can’t have one. I wanted to show people what it would be like having a lion in their neighbor’s backyard so they would understand why a new law is important. In fact
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