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By Aaron Blake If House Democrats sustain major losses on Nov. 2, the health care law passed earlier this year is likely to be a big reason. The proof is in the pudding: while Republicans have been hammering away at Democratic incumbents who voted for the bill and even open seat candidates who expressed support for the legislation, Democrats have run almost no ads playing up the bill. After the …

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Most Democrats avoid healthcare on campaign trail

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CNBC’s John Harwood has the details on whether health care and Fin Reg will sink incumbents in a small town in Ohio.

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Battle in the Buckeye State

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Despite the improved Republican chances for a takeover of the House, some unions are spending against Democratic incumbents who voted “no” on healthcare reform. Unions vowed to go after members who didn’t support the plan — and some …

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Health Care Reform: Labor Unions Set Sights On Those Who Voted No

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Speeches at tea party center on sending incumbents home
LEICESTER – Dr. Jay S. Fleitman, one of two Republican candidates for the 2nd Congressional District in Tuesday’s primary election, received loud applause at yesterday afternoon’s tea party forum at Leicester High School when he said what should be done to incumbents on Capitol Hill in the Nov. 2 general election.

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REFLECTIONS ON THE HEALTH CARE DEBATE – *By Michael Connelly* Almost one year ago I started by blog on Constitutional law by posting an article I had written on HR 3200 that was the original vers. …

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Incumbent’s a marked man in Democratic primary
State Sen. Steve Hobbs hopes it’s a good year to be a moderate. The Lake Stevens Democrat is seeking a second term and facing tough challengers from the Republican Party and the left wing of his own.

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CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent Jan Crawford spoke with John Dickerson about Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Marc Ambinder breaks down Utah Sen. Bill Bennett’s loss in Utah and what it means for incumbents.

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Obama Taps Kagan for Supreme Court

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