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The Affordable Care Act helps to alleviate insurance worries
For the uninsured, the Affordable Care Act offers new opportunities to get covered. Uninsured Pittsburghers can find coverage at a reasonable rate by visiting It also provides a cushion that my husband and I can always fall back on …
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The Affordable Care Act has caused frustration
Thanks to the crazy “implementation” of the Affordable Care Act, I just put yet another medical expense on my charge card that I would not have incurred had the service been performed last year — or had my employer's health insurance renewal date been …
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Legislatively Speaking – Affordable Care Act
On March 23rd 2010 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law, making much needed changes to our healthcare system and ensuring that previously uninsured peoples would have access to healthcare. While only one of the many …
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Client Perspectives: How ADP Helps Small Business Clients Manage the Affordable Care Act

Listening to the news and the rumblings about Health Care Reform may make you lose sleep. Find out how ADP helps small businesses plan for Affordable Care Ac…
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London, UK (PRWEB) December 29, 2012

Yesterday the Kuwait Times cited Muna Al-Fuzai expressing perfectly what millions of people with chronic condition think: My New Year wishes are about having and wishing others good health and happiness. If you are sick, then no amount of money or a cruise on the sea in a fancy yacht or a first class trip around the world can help you feel any better.

In line with the wishes, the Thermobalancing therapy enhances health well-being, as Dr. Allens therapeutic devices treat internal chronic diseases, such as enlarged prostate, coronary heart disease and back pain, without resort to harmful long-term medications and risky surgeries, reveals Fine Treatment.

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Surrey, BC (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

Since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008, economic concerns have been paramount among American citizens. Over the past year, a number of reports have emerged indicating that the slow economy has forced many patients to cut corners to pay for medications; but what is of even greater concern is that many individuals under the age of 65 are failing to fill prescriptions simply because of cost. With mounting evidence that prescription prices in the United States are prohibitive, online pharmacies such as DoctorSolve are encouraging consumers to consider Canadian drugs as a safe and affordable alternative.

According to a recent report in PharmaTimes, 45% of US consumers aged under-65 who do not have a prescription drug benefit are now failing to fill their prescriptions because of the cost. These figures have nearly doubled compared to last year according to their research. Lack of insurance for medications is clearly the determining factor, as individuals under age 65 are also foregoing other medical treatments. Nearly two thirds of subjects reported declining medical tests because of cost, and similar numbers of patients put off a doctors visit to save money.

Similarly, many Americans find they are in a position where the need to sacrifice other necessities to pay for their medications. Without prescription drug coverage, suggests consumers are nearing a crisis point. The site recently conducted 2 surveys that suggest that difficulty paying for health care including prescription drugs and other medical bills remains the top financial problem for American households. More than half of survey respondents indicated they needed to reduce other household expenses or change how they manage their finances to pay for medications. Indeed, the report continues that problems paying for medical bills and medication remain the most severe financial issues Americans face. That beats problems making mortgage payments or paying other big household bills.

Yet Canadian online pharmacies offer safe drugs at a discount of up to 80% compared to American pharmacies. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an association of licensed, retail pharmacies, and according to their website their member pharmacies sell pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications and that each pharmacy is licensed and regulated by the government for safety. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a scientific review of CIPA pharmacies in March 2012 and concluded there was no failure of authenticity found in drugs that came from verified websites. In other words, CIPA pharmacies sell the same drugs you would find in American pharmacies, but at a drastically reduced price.

DoctorSolve is a leading online pharmacy that has been verified by the CIPA as a source for name-brand and generic medications at discount prices. According to their website, DoctorSolve has been operating as a trusted Canadian pharmacy since 1999 during which time they have maintained a perfect patient safety record. Co-founder of DoctorSolve, Dr. Paul Zickler wants to encourage American patients to consider our pharmacy or other Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) sites for affordable access to medications. He continues, there is no need for American patients to cut corners in household costs or medical expenses to pay for prescriptions. DoctorSolve is a full-service pharmacy that provides its customers with genuine drugs at heavily discounted prices.

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 20, 2009

Utah attorney Kenneth L. Christensen has authored a new book written to help debunk common myths behind accident cases and provide victims with valuable information concerning their legal rights. The book, Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Utah Accident Case, addresses many of the key issues involved in Utah accident cases, including an analysis of how insurance companies and adjustors operate and a description of what must be proven to win an accident case. The Utah accident book is written in an easy-to-read format that breaks down complicated insurance and legal jargon to help readers understand the intricacies of accident claims.

“Almost every person I meet for the first time who finds out I am a personal injury lawyer immediately asks a legal question,” says Mr. Christensen. More times than not, they go on to tell me how they were in an accident, and how the insurance company is telling them to do something they aren’t so sure about. I wrote this book to help people faced with this common problem.”

Each year, tens of thousands of Utah residents are involved in car and truck accidents. According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, over 37,000 Utah traffic accidents occurred in 2006 that involved only property damage. In the same year, an additional 18,000 car and truck accidents injured over 27,000 Utahans. Nationwide, roughly 6 million people were injured in traffic accidents last year.

In Seven Biggest Mistakes, Mr. Christensen offers basic facts about Utah accident claims; defines the legal and settlement process; discusses the legal intricacies of medical bills and healthcare plans; and analyzes the seven most common mistakes accident victims make. Mr. Christensen also helps his readers understand the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for legal representation.

“I wrote this book because I do not like to see people accept a bad deal or give up on fighting for their rights simply because they do not know how to proceed,” says Mr. Christensen. “This book outlines what you need to know, and what you must avoid in order to preserve your rights and get what you deserve.”

As a public service to citizens of Utah State, the Utah accident book is free of charge. To request your free copy, please visit See why former Allstate insurance adjustor Chad Despain said, “No one should talk to an insurance adjustor or hire an attorney until they’ve read this book!”


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New York, NY (PRWEB) December 23, 2011

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is working with international and local partners to provide essential reproductive health supplies to respond to the needs of over 12,000 pregnant and lactating women in various evacuation centres in areas affected by Tropical Storm Washi in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities in the Philippines.

As part of the United Nations humanitarian appeal, UNFPA is seeking approximately $ 1.4 million to help the affected populations. According to estimates by the Philippines Government, over 92,000 families, or 640,000 people, are currently affected by the disaster.

UNFPA has also mobilized youth volunteers to organize young people in evacuation centres to help raise awareness about available medical services and to monitor incidents of gender-based violence. These youth are also collecting vital data about pregnant, post-partum and lactating women, as well as other vital statistics such as the number of young people in these centres. Through collaboration with the government, UNFPA is working with local organizations to conduct psychosocial counselling and set up emergency referral systems for survivors of gender-based violence.

At least 22 village health centres have been damaged or totally washed away by the floods. Pregnant women who are in labour are referred to regional hospitals that are already swamped with regular patients.

UNFPA will distribute clean delivery kits to an estimated 8,500 pregnant women to ensure safe deliveries. Each kit includes soap, a clean razor blade and string to cut and tie the umbilical cord, a plastic sheet and a blanket to protect the baby from hypothermia.

Reproductive health care supplies and medicine are also being distributed to regional hospitals. UNFPA is supporting the deployment of additional medical teams, composed of doctors, midwives and other health workers.

Nearly 35,000 dignity kits, also known as hygiene kits, will also be distributed to affected women and girls, including 4,200 mothers who are breastfeeding, in and around the evacuation centres. These kits include basic sanitary supplies, such as soap, changing garment, towels, sanitary pads and toilet paper.

For more information, please contact:

In Manila: Arlene Alan: Tel: + 63 2 901 0306; Mobile: +63 917 515 3559; alano(at)unfpa(dot)org

In New York: Omar Gharzeddine; Tel: + 1 212 297 5028; gharzeddine(at)unfpa(dot)org

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Early results from a pivotal trial of Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc’s experimental leukemia drug ponatinib show it is effective in nearly half of patients who had stopped responding to currently available drugs.

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French drugmaker Sanofi said on Saturday that its experimental multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada worked better than an older drug sold by competitor Merck KGaA at keeping patients free from relapses.

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NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Inhaling albuterol helps asthmatic lungs work better, but patients who get it don’t feel much better than those treated with a placebo inhaler or phony acupuncture, according to a U.S. study.

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TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – A six-week exercise training program can help relieve the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, according to the first-ever trial to investigate whether physical activity helps patients with the condition.

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