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Question by Nobody: Has competition helped make health care affordable in the US?
According to Paul Ryan,Republican VP candidate,Medicare needs some competition in the form of private insurers to keep it from going bankrupt. I have not used Medicare yet,but I have plenty of experience with competitive insurance,and all I have seen is costs going through the roof. What do you think?

Some answers here suggest elimination of insurance,at least the government sponsored kind,would solve the cost problem. But many other countries have government sponsored health insurance plans with mandates and their costs are much lower than in the US. What gives? Why is the US in such a quandary about this issue? Are we really this dense,or is the problem so out of hand that it is unsolvable now?

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Answer by Stop the Crazy Tea Baggers!
Not until Obama Care.

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ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG said its “armed antibody” T-DM1 drug significantly extended the lives of women with an aggressive type of breast cancer compared with those receiving the standard drug cocktail.

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….. Great Britain?
Maybe if she did, she would stay at home and stop making a fool of herself at the local town hall?

Winston Churchill was a Bolshevik
Guess who helped launch socialized healthcare in the U.K.? The ultimate conservative icon — and he was proud of it
By Joe Conason

Aug. 14, 2009 | Long before many of today’s frothing right-wing demagogues were born, American conservatives came to idolize Winston Churchill, the late Tory prime minister whose wartime leadership of the British people transformed into the living symbol of democracy armed. That reputation was cemented by his legendary Missouri speech in 1946 warning of the “Iron Curtain” drawn by the Soviet Communists across Eastern Europe. Indeed, journalists and bloggers on the right admire the old warhorse so much that he has even outpolled Ronald Reagan as their “Man of the Century.”

Yet by the standards of the present moment, as these same conservatives mobilize against health care reform to “stop socialism,” that same great man was actually a raving Bolshevik. For among his most enduring legacies was the founding and sustenance of the system that became the National Health Service. Arguably as much as any other British politician, it was Churchill who established “socialized medicine.”

Perhaps it is a forlorn hope that facts and history can make any impression on the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Chuck Grassley, or Bill Kristol, but let’s try anyway — because it is worth understanding that despite the low quality of our own so-called conservatives, there was once another kind.

Churchill was renowned as a politician who put country and civilization above party. The government he led during World War II was a broad coalition of the British parties, from his own Conservatives to the democratic socialists of Labor. Midway through the war, Churchill’s government asked Sir William Beveridge, a Liberal Party social reformer and economist to study systems of social insurance that could reduce poverty, disease, unemployment and illiteracy in Britain.

In 1942, Beveridge issued an far-reaching report that proposed a national health service to provide medical care to every man, woman and child, regardless of means — much as the coalition government had done during the medical emergency brought on by the German bombings of their cities, hospitals and clinics.

Although Churchill endorsed the idea of a national health system, his party lost the first post-war general election in 1945, partly because British voters didn’t trust the Tories to implement the Beveridge report. Instead a Labor government established universal care under the NHS in 1948.

Only three years later, the Tories returned to power with Churchill restored as prime minister. At that point, the NHS could still have been killed — and many members of the Tory party, not to mention the British Medical Association, were eager to do so.

Please tell your Granny.
And while you are at it, read her some of the comments on the article.

C’mon, spend some time with Granny?

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USDA’s Shirley Sherrod: I Helped White Farmer
Official Denies Charge of Reverse Racism after Conservative Website Airs Damning Video; Farmer Says Sherrod Saved His Farm

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With a House vote on health care legislation done, the ap’s Mark Smith surveys the political landscape, seeing if the battle for the bill will help or hurt the political prospects of President Obama. (March 22)

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Product Description
This Item is an original Magazine ad, taken from a vintage magazine of the year indicated. The ad is suitable for framing and displaying in your home or office. The scan of this item was taken through plastic film, however it is an accurate representation of the item. The nominal size is 10.5 inches by 14 inches.

Medicare Tax? Health Care for the Elderly? Let’s look at the facts about the proposed Medicare Tax … and a medical care program for the aged that already exists! What’s the hurry here? The supporters of the proposed Medicare Tax would have you believe that passage of this controversial bill is urgent … that persons over 5 are deprived of needed medical care because they can’t pay for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Kerr-Mills Law, passed by Congress in 1960 – enabled individual states to guarantee to every elderly person who needs help the health care he or she requires. We call this health program … Health Opportunity for the Elderly. Thousands of people every day are being helped by its generous benefits. And unlike Medicare, which would substantially increase your Social Security Tax payroll deductions, existing programs are being paid for now by a part of your present tax dollar! Medicare? NO. Health Care for the Elderly? YES! ….. 1964 American Medical Association Ad, A5157.

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