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I swear to God I hate both political parties. Democrats are funded by the same people who fund every other campaign in the nation, and pretty much the world— powerful oligarchs. Don’t you remember when Clinton tried to pass the healthcare bill in the 90s and it was destroyed, mostly at the hands of the insurance companies? Corporate influence in our government is so obvious that it’s become impossible to hide. And at the same time, independent of these facts, the elected officials are still people. People want power, otherwise they never would’ve even ran for office in the first place. Votes translate to increased power, not to change. Democrats claim they support civil liberties and helping minorities, riding off the achievements of earlier men. However, they do nothing to enact these changes they speak of. The only reason they make any attempts to help minorities, or women, or gays, or any of the other groups that they claim to represent; is so they can seem like they’re helping, and thus be able to tap these same demographic groups for votes late on. The party system also kind of reminds me of the nations in the novel 1984, who trained their populace to hate the various other political systems in the world, when in actuality their own system was not that different from the one they hated. However, they were psychologically manipulated to be blind to this fact. There are still millions of poor people, and that isn’t the Republicans fault. They blame them, but the
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Responded to the controversy surrounding my last video about the healthcare bill. If you hate political shit, then don’t watch this. Also if you are a far left liberal, you probably won’t like this video either… Just wanted to address spookcrusher’s comment…

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