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The Law of Healthcare Administration (7th Edition, 2014)

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Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics, Fourth Edition by Dean M. Harr
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Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics
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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

COUNTRY Financial

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I feel this is an important video to watch because I believe we may be next and if not next we will certainly arrive at this most terrible problem sooner than later. Millions could die without their medication but here in the US that shouldn’t surprise; the insurance companies have been able to dictate health care along with who lives or dies for decades. No Copyright Infringement Intended; All Rights Belong To Original Uploader News Broadcast
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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Today announced the release of an online financial planning solution to help financially un-savvy individuals understand their current and future financial health and make financial decisions that lead to more prosperous lives.

Financial planning is a complex and time consuming activity. Without easy access to financial advisors or planning tools, individuals often times end up making financial decisions that are not in their best interests. There are plethora of online tools and websites that promise to help individuals manage their money. These online budgeting and expense tracking tools fall short when it comes to helping individuals make a financial plan. simplifies financial planning by letting individuals simulate their financial future with very little effort. It uses complex financial algorithms to assess individuals ability to take care of their needs, wants, debts and emergencies today and in future. It rates their overall financial health on a scale of zero to 10 and provides a forecast for debts, total savings and goals based on the current budget and provides specific advice that will help improve their financial future.

The Finacast financial planning platform lets users start planning with very little information and is capable of accommodating all planning variables such as tax implications of certain investments, debts and purchases, life priorities, inflation, future expenses and income and investment growth projections in its comprehensive simulations. Users can view their financial future under different scenarios by adding and/or changing their future income, goals and expenses and convert that into a plan that they can follow. Finacast provides users an option to link their bank accounts for easy reporting and tracking.

ABOUT is a bay area start-up. Its mission is to use innovative technological solutions to help individuals make financial decisions that lead to more prosperous lives. Prior to, personal financial management applications only focused on bank accounts. While this makes for good bookkeeping and expense tracking, it reveals very little about financial health. That’s why Finacast shifted the focus to cash-flow and personal profit and loss, leading to customized financial advice for life events like planning a wedding, having a baby, saving for college, deciding on credit card balance transfers and home loan refinance and making new purchases.

For more information:

Contact: info (at) finacast (dot) com

Phone: 925-215-1579

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RIOTS in INDIA’s FINANCIAL CAPITAL Mumbai: MUSLIM RELIGION vs POLICE! 2 DEAD many INJURED MUMBAI,India—Two people died and dozens were injured in clashes Saturdayin India’s financial capital between police and thousands of Muslims who were protesting the deaths of Muslimsinrioting last monthin the country’s northeast, police said. Police fired gunsinto the air and used bamboo batons to disperse the protesters, who threw rocks and damaged about a dozen buses and police vans. Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik said two protesters died frominjuries sustainedin the clashes, but had not been shot. Another 52 people,including 44 police officers, wereinjuredin the clashes, he said. He said the protesters also burned three TV broadcasting vans, complaining that media coverage of last month’sriotingin Assam state was biased against the Muslim victims. Therioting between ethnic Bodos and Muslim settlers mainlyinvolved land rights. At least 53 people died and about 400000 were forced to flee their homes and take shelterin government-run relief camps. Therioting now is mostly under control. The Bodos and the Muslim settlers, who mostly came from the former East Pakistan before it became Bangladeshin 1971, have clashed repeatedly over the years but the recent violence is the worst since the mid-1990s. Tags: 2012 massreport147 breaking news media report India financial capital Mumbai banks credit cards international business wealth economy economic markets gold silver bullion violent
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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

The ladies of the NAPW Sacramento Local Chapter gathered on July 9th and 23rd for a professional networking lunch and dinner. They Chapter normally has two meetings, both a lunch and a dinner each month in order to accommodate the busy schedules of the members. The speaker at both meetings was Elisha Choice-Creek, who spoke about how women should understand the importance of budgeting and finance to ensure they dont outlast their money.

NAPW Sacramento Local Chapter President, Sharon Darrow started the meeting off by welcoming everyone, both members and guests. She reminded the ladies about the website and some of the pages available to members that they might not have discovered, such as the benefits, local chapters, and Career Tools. She also reminded everyone to take time and read the monthly Newsletter, since it is always full of good information.

The speaker, Elisha Choice-Cheek, is on a mission to help women improve their lives by empowering themselves, particularly about their finances.

Elisha did a great job conveying the importance of understanding finance and how to plan for their future, said Sharron.

Elisha was born in Stockton, and then went to Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry for 29 years. She worked in front of the camera in commercials, movies and TV, as well as in casting for all types of projects. Elisha made a lot of money, but like so many others in the industry, spent it just as fast as she made it. Then she was injured and unable to continue in the business.

Elisha learned firsthand what a major in life can be like, particularly when it was totally unexpected and unplanned for. She ended up meeting and marrying a great guy and moving to Sacramento. Together they work to educate and help people, particularly women, learn about their finances and plan a future. They provide free classes on finances and also host classes on credit repair, all at no cost. They have a new business called Wealth Watchers as well, and invite people who are looking for something in addition to their current income sources. Elisha had a wealth of statistics regarding women in our society today, and encourages all of us to enjoy the current environment where women are finally gaining greater opportunities.

During the lunch meeting Sharon asked the members for help. She explained that keeping up with the social media postings, trying to get the Foster Project going, and doing all the monthly duties was just more than she could keep up with by herself. With tremendous gratitude she accepted the offer of Michelle Hunn to handle the Foster Project, since it was mirroring what she had been working on for a couple of years. Sharon was happy to provide Michelle with information garnered from people who had volunteered their services.

After the dinner meeting Sharon let everyone know that following much soul searching she was going to step down as chapter President. The growth of the chapter has been a wonderful part of her life for 3-1/2 years, but doing it justice by herself is no longer possible in light of increased pressure from her growing business and a book she is writing. Sharon invited everyone to consider offering their services to the chapter, since it has been incredibly rewarding for her. In addition, the NAPW now has a wonderful team in place to assist new officers so they never feel alone. Naturally, Sharon will be available to help in any way possible as the title is passed on. Networking and introductions followed after dinner.

Pastor Michelle Hunn is Founder and CEO of Purification International Enterprise, also known as PIE. Their goal is to work with emancipated youth, giving them an additional two or three years to transition into adulthood in a positive and successful way. She is also the founder and CEO of Five S’s and a C, That’s Me, which is a women’s empowerment group.

Dee Brookshire is a Chief Financial Officer for Regional Transit and this was her first NAPW meeting. She is also on the Board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving as the President of the American Association of University Women, Sacramento Branch. She joined the NAPW for the opportunity to network with other like-minded professional women.

Jaime Sisson is a business consultant for Teledirect Call Center. They assist businesses and people with PBX stations, NPR stations, doing a lot of lead qualification and pretty much anything you can think of that can be handled on a phone call. They are a 24/7, 365 day call center, always ready to do whatever they can for their clients.

Jennifer Clemens is also a business consultant for Teledirect Call Center, where she has been working for nearly nine years. She has worked in a variety of positions and dealt with customers all over the country world. The company does a lot of lead qualification, order taking, for companies of all sizes. Jennifer said they had done a lot of researching on local associations to start local networking, and thought that the NAPW would be a great place to start.

Neelam Wadhwani is a professional Teacher credentialed in multiple subjects, and has taught English as a second language all over the world. She is a bit burnt on the profession after teaching in America for four years, so is looking for a different direction.

June Azevedo, Owner of Azevedo Print & Design, works closely with an excellent website designer. She not only creates the website, her partner will maintain it for you.

Teresa Shah is a social worker in Roseville, working in care management and the President of the NAPW Roseville Chapter. She has invited everyone to come join the group at one of their upcoming meetings. The Roseville meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month, at Mimi’s Cafe in the Galleria.

Sara Lopez is an Independent Health and wellness consultant. Her business is SGL Enterprises, and her focus is to help individuals actualize the healthiest possible lifestyle for themselves. She is particularly dedicated to helping those with issues regarding weight management, including a system of genetic testing to help them design a personalized plan.

Leigh Stepp is an Attorney in Sacramento with Anwyl, Scoffield and Stepp. Her practice is general business and litigation, generally from the defense side. She handles a wide range of problems, including insurance, premises, property, construction, and is here to help if anyone needs legal advice.

Corinna Villa is a retired School Teacher, has published a cookbook, and is now concentrating on oil painting.

Marcia Remington is an Administrative Assistant still looking for a position, but has also started a new business with Damsels in Defense. She is now a Damsel Pro, offering all types of personal defense items for women. Her launch party is Friday the 13th and she invited everyone to come on out.

Sharon Darrow, Owner of Travel ID Cards, is the best source for identification badges, with or without photos. She talked about her core photo ID cards, KidsTravelCards, TeenTravelCards, AdultInfoCards, and PetTravelCards. Soon she will be able to offer those products in a multi-lingual combo where you will get the English language card as well as one in an additional language of your choice. This item will be ideal for families who travel internationally.

Teddy Mathis is in the process of editing her first book, titled “The Homecoming of TJ Scoggins.” She is on all the social media sites promoting the book, and on indiegogo. Indiegogo is a funding site where you can view her video about the project and make donations to assist her in getting the book published and promoted. Sue is being assisted with the editing by our member Sue Clark.

Sue Clark began by complimenting Teddy Mathis on her sense of humor and writing style. She encourage

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Financial and Legal (financial planning for expats at Barcelona, life insurance, banking, etc) Best for Expatriates in Spain As an expat, your circumstances are likely to change more often than if you were in your home country. Clear financial advice and planning means that expatriate life is without worry and that your future is taken care of. Financial planning requirements vary from country to country and expatriates living in Spain may need to allocate their investments in a different way. These are the elements that make expatriate financial planning different. Currency One of the first financial steps when relocating abroad may involve exchanging currency to that of the new country. It is important to search around for the best deal at both banks and specialist currency dealers. If an income is received from another country in another currency, it will need to be exchanged into the currency of new country. The impact of a regular currency conversion can leave a person exposed. Currencies move quickly and often; it may be necessary to “forward book” some of the currency exchanging to fix the rate of exchange. When it comes to arranging savings and investments, different currencies also need to be taken into consideration. In principle, if the investments are generating income used to live on, they should be in the same currency as the expenditure. EMERGENCY CASH FUND Regardless of the country of residence, an amount of cash should be instantly available for

Related Posts: Financial Risk Forecasting: The Theory And Practice Of Forecasting Market Risk With Implementation In R And Matlab – Jon Danielsson Financial Risk Forecasting is a complete introduction to practical quantitative risk management, with a focus on market risk. Derived from the authors teaching notes and years spent training practitioners in risk management techniques, it brings together the three key disciplines of finance, statistics and modeling (programming), to provide a thorough grounding in risk management techniques.Written by renowned risk expert Jon Danielsson, the book begins with an introduction to financial markets and market prices, volatility clusters, fat tails and nonlinear dependence. It then goes on to present volatility forecasting with both univatiate and multivatiate methods, discussing the various methods used by industry, with a special focus on the GARCH family of models. The evaluation of the quality of forecasts is discussed in detail. Next, the main concepts in risk and models to forecast risk are discussed, especially volatility, value-at-risk and expected shortfall. The focus is both on risk in basic assets such as stocks and foreign exchange, but also calculations of risk in bonds and options, with analytical methods such as delta-normal VaR and duration-normal VaR and Monte Carlo simulation. The book then moves on to the evaluation of risk models with methods like backtesting, followed by a discussion on stress testing. The book

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

When Mrs. Ramirez met with American Financial Solutions certified credit counselor Carmen Perales, she and her husband owed $ 30,000 in medical bills. Perales worked with the family to establish a budget and to understand all of their expenses, but that was not all they accomplished.

The Supreme Courts recent ruling in favor of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) (visit our website to learn more), provides multiple benefits for consumers. Free preventative care, no waiting periods for care, and no maximum amount of benefits someone can receive in a lifetime. However, those benefits may come at a higher price for other services. Some insurance companies, medical providers and pharmaceutical companies are struggling to reduce their expenses and find a way to shift their increasing costs to consumers.

Every day, American Financial Solutions (AFS) assists people overwhelmed with medical debt. According to Becky House, Education Director for AFS, Nearly everyone we counsel has some sort of medical debt. If it has not been paid, it shows up on their credit report. If it has been paid, it may be hidden in the debt on their credit cards.

In a study published in 2010 by Demos, a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization, and The Access Project, a resource center for local communities working to improve health and healthcare access, households with medical debt carried an average of $ 11,612 in credit card debt. Of that amount $ 2,194 is attributed to healthcare expenses.

In March of 2012, the Centers for Disease Control released a report stating that in 2011, one in three persons was in a family experiencing the financial burden of medical care. One in 5 persons was in a family having problems paying medical bills, 1 in 4 persons was in a family paying medical bills over time, and 1 in 10 persons was in a family that had medical bills they were unable to pay at all.

Mrs. Musgrove came to American Financial Solutions in 2007 looking for help to rebuild her credit after filing bankruptcy to eliminate $ 68,000 in medical expenses. Before the bankruptcy, I was actually borrowing money from family to pay collection agencies. I couldnt keep up with the bills. I wanted to pay for the services, but no one would take payments. They all wanted the entire amount – now. I didn’t know there was help available.

As for the Ramirez family, their story ended very differently. After reviewing the familys financial situation, Ms. Perales encouraged them to contact the hospital to whom they owed money and seek charity care or financial assistance. They did and based on their income and family size, the Ramirezes qualified for charity care and the entire debt was eliminated.

Both of these families provide an example as to why it is important to know your medical debt repayment options.

As shown in the Ramirez case, resolution of medical bills does not have to end in bankruptcy or with accounts sent to collection agencies. American Financial Solutions recommends exploring all options for handling the debt. Below are some tips:


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