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Engaging Urban Families in Child Mental Health Care

To watch this presentation for continuing education credit and to download handouts, please visit In this overview, Dr. Mary McKay describes the challenges…
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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Benefit Brainstorm, a company specializing in low-cost concierge health benefits for corporations, announces the launch of freshbenies to revolutionize health benefits for American families. Did you know health insurance costs are skyrocketing, leaving gaps like never beforeand, theres no end in sight for American families? Of course you did!

Reid Rasmussen, ex-Canadian, health insurance industry veteran and reform expert has this to say: In the last 3 years, Americans haven’t seen a pay raise, yet their healthcare costs are up about 30% with huge increases in out-of-pocket expenses. Add to that, 32 million uninsured Americans will clog doctor offices as health reform comes into full swing. So, we’re paying more, yet having a tougher time getting care – and navigating “the system” won’t get any easier! Most Americans don’t even know there are innovative solutions out there. Weve been serving the corporate customer with these solutions for years and saw the need to help busy families, too.

Heidi Rasmussen, 27-year retail and consumer marketing veteran said Women are master consumers in all other areas of life except health insurance even though they make 80% of the benefits buying decisions. They also deal with the fallout of healthcare issues staying home from work to take a sick kid to the doctor, shuttling to dentist and optometrist visits, dealing with their insurance plan, medical bills, etc. Why arent women better health insurance consumers? Because the industry is so complex and hasnt provided the necessary tools to help the actual end consumer. We started freshbenies to do just that.

So, how does freshbenies fill the gaps and help with skyrocketing healthcare and insurance costs?

freshbenies bundles non-insurance benefits together into one simple card by leveraging the volume of big corporations. Thats why its low-cost!

According to the American Medical Association, about 70% of all doctors visits result in information or a consultation that could have easily been handled via phone or internet. Use the 24/7/365 Call a Doctor service AND get a prescription, if needed. Its a fact – kids get sick on Friday at 4pm now, busy women can just call their 24/7/365 Dr. BFF to get needed advice (maybe even a prescription) and have their kids feeling better fast without that wasted time in the waiting room!

freshbenies provides a Personal Advisor to help members navigate medical care, paperwork, insurancethe system. They can help find a specialist, the best hospital for a procedure, answer questions about an insurance issue, etc. They also review, summarize and even work to negotiate discounts on medical bills.

The National Association of Dental Plans estimates about 47% of Americans dont have dental insurance, and the Vision Council estimates that 83% of employers dont provide vision benefits. Because of this, freshbenies gives busy women dental discounts and vision discounts on everything from brand-name eyewear, LASIK, and contacts to braces, cleanings, whitening and dental/vision exams all at substantially discounted rates.

These days, many families have a prescription drug thats expensive or not covered by insurance. freshbenies members save an average of 38% simply by flashing their freshbenies card at over 60,000 participating locations.

Go to to learn more and call us anytime to chat!

ABOUT freshbenies:

At freshbenies, we believe that busy women should have equal access to trustworthy, real-life health solutions that save her time, $ and frustration. AND, we make it easy to afford and simple for her to understand, use and enjoy! Want to hear more? YAY! Here you go

More about freshbenies, the product

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Despite the great demand, very few donate their organs when they die. But the reason for that may not be what you’d think — it’s your relatives. Even when someone has signed a donor card, at least 10 percent of the time families veto the deceased’s wishes.

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President Obama signs a bill that will help improve access to health care for veterans, streamline VA services, expand support for homeless veterans, and also provide extended medical care for veterans and their families who were based in Camp Lejeune in the years the water was contaminated there, and prohibit protesting at military funerals. August 6, 2012.

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Poor Families in America’s Health Care Crisis

Poor Families in America’s Health Care Crisis examines the implications of the fragmented and two-tiered health insurance system in the United States for the health care access of low-income families. For a large fraction of Americans their jobs do not provide health insurance or other benefits and although government programs are available for children, adults without private health care coverage have few options. Detailed ethnographic and survey data from selected low-income neighborhoods in Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio document the lapses in medical coverage that poor families experience and reveal the extent of untreated medical conditions, delayed treatment, medical indebtedness, and irregular health care that women and children suffer as a result. Extensive poverty, the increasing proportion of minority households, and the growing dependence on insecure service sector work all influence access to health care for families at the economic margin.

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Bioethics : Health Care Law and Ethics by Thomas L. Greaney; Barry R. Furrow

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Health Care Law Sourcebook : Compendium of Federal Laws, Regulations and Docume…
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Health Care Law by Janice L. Kazmier (English) Paperback Book
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Health Care Spending Caps In Affordable Care Act Will Protect America’s Families From Catastrophic Medical Expenses
A major benefit of the Affordable Care Act is the introduction of annual caps on out-of-pocket expenses. These caps will protect families from the high costs that can be associated with unexpected injuries or illnesses, such as accidents, sports injuries, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. Although the spending caps go into effect in 2014, the consumer health group Families USA asked The …
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New Health Care Act Reframes Nation’s Commitment to Public Health, But Are We ‘Swimming Upstream?’
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Judge Issues Stay on His Own Health Care Ruling
Roger Vinson, the federal judge in Florida who said in January that the entire Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, today issued a “clarification” of his earlier ruling.
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Health Care Spending Caps Will Protect Wisconsin Families From Catastrophic Medical Expenses
More than a quarter of a million Wisconsinites currently face the threat of catastrophic family health care expenses from serious, unexpected injuries or illnesses, such as accidents, sports injuries, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. A new cap on out-of-pocket expenses, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, will help those families protect both their health and their budgets…
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McLaren hosts health care careers open house
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Obama Health-Care Law Survives Constitutional Challenge in Washington Case
The Obama administration’s health- care reform law survived a constitutional challenge in federal court in Washington, marking the third U.S. victory against cases seeking to block the measure.
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There are also a number of agencies that place home health care nurses in the appropriate environment with ailing individuals and their families. These agencies match criteria such as the nurse’s experience and qualifications, …

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How to Become a Home Health Care Nurse

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