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GOP: Obamacare Delay Is Proof Health Care Law Is Failing, Still Needs To Be
The California lawmaker who was instrumental in ensuring the law's passage when she was speaker of the House insisted that Americans will soon benefit from increased access to affordable health care. Democrats have always been dogged by the fact that …
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North Carolina's abortion-law sham
In fact, disrespect for process is a disturbing commonality in many of these proposed restrictions and further evidence of their true intent. Any law that will limit women's access to abortion and to much other health care deserves a public hearing …
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Obamacare's employer mandate shouldn't be delayed. It should be repealed.
Be that as it may, the regulatory solution reflects the fact that the legislative process around the health-care law is completely broken. Republicans won't pass any legislation that makes the law work better. Improving the law, they fear, will weaken …
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US intelligence capabilities failing: Expert
A U-S intelligence expert has painted an alarming picture of America’s intelligence capability, warning that attempts at reform are stalling and, in some cases, sliding backwards.

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Complete video at: George Lakoff explains how Democrats are failing to sell health care reform by relying on the policy issues alone. Democrats, he says, are not framing the debate to defend against conservative rhetorical attacks. —– George Lakoff makes plain how the words used by politicians translate to the public’s support for various political issues. Language matters – especially when it comes to politics. A founder of the field of cognitive science, Lakoff takes an in-depth look at the ways in which our brains understand politics, breaking down the politics of language. – Commonwealth Club of California George P. Lakoff is a professor of linguistics (in particular, cognitive linguistics) at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972. Although some of his research involves questions traditionally pursued by linguists, such as the conditions under which a certain linguistic construction is grammatically viable, he is most famous for his ideas about the centrality of metaphor to human thinking, political behavior and society. He is particularly famous for his concept of the “embodied mind” which he has written about in relation to mathematics. In recent years he has applied his work to the realm of politics, and founded a progressive think tank, the Rockridge Institute.

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What I hear people supporting or opposing has little basis in HR 3200 as it currently stands. You want your doctor to read your chart before treating you, your pilot to check his instruments and weather forecast before flying, …

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