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NYSSCPA to Offer Free Workshop to Explain the New Healthcare Law
New York, NY – February 3rd, 2014 – As the March 31st enrollment deadline looms, you know you need to know more about the Affordable Care Act, but you don't know exactly what it is you need to ask. The New York State Society of CPAs is offering a …

Tenn. lawmakers seek to block health care law
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee Republican lawmakers are taking on the Affordable Care Act with a new bill that would bar state and local governments — and possibly also companies that do business with them — from buying health insurance through the …
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Obama, O'Reilly battle over health care, Benghazi, IRS
In a pre-Super Bowl rumble, President Obama and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly jousted Sunday over the health care law, the attack in Benghazi, and claims that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative organizations. Obama expressed regret for …
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Question by frogqueen: someone explain Canada’s healthcare system to me?
I’m curious and open to pros and cons

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Answer by Local Celebrity
Socialized medicine: waiting for hours on end to get into the Er, shi.tty doctors, and typical governmet problem of it being extremely inefficient.

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Olivebridge, NY (PRWEB) January 1, 2010

This January, millions of financially stressed Americans will be making resolutions to reduce debt. Unfortunately, though, some of them owe so much that tightening their belts just won’t work, even if they found the discipline to stick with a careful budget. “For some, extreme debt reduction programs may be the only route back to financial health,” reports Gerri Detweiler, co-author of the e-book Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress: Real Life Solutions for Solving Your Credit Crisis (Good Advice Press, 2009, $ 14.95).

How do you know when drastic measures may be needed to reduce your debt? Here are some warning signs:

You’re on a bare bones budget, but still don’t have enough money to pay your bills.
You’re thinking about withdrawing money from retirement accounts to reduce credit card debt or to pay other bills.
You’ve missed at least one car and/or mortgage payment.
You’re afraid to answer the phone, fearing it will be another call from a creditor or debt collector.

If any of these warning signs apply to you, it’s time to see a specialist and get expert help managing your debt. Extreme debt diet options include:

Credit Counseling. The financial equivalent of a “packaged meal plan.” credit counseling agencies take decisions out of your hands by setting up a debt management plan for you. After closing all of your credit card accounts, you’ll make one monthly payment to the agency, which in turn will pay participating creditors. The big advantage of this option is that, with no open credit cards, you won’t be tempted to binge and take on more debt while you’re trying to dig out.

Unfortunately, just as diet plans can be hard to follow, credit counseling can be hard to stick with for the three to five years it’ll likely take to pay off what you owe. Make sure the payment plan is realistic, and something you can stick with.

Debt settlement and bankruptcy. These options represent the “bariatric surgery” approach to debt reduction. In other words, they’re drastic measures, but they may be necessary for people who have so much debt that it is jeopardizing their financial health. “Debt settlement and bankruptcy will leave you with scars,” warns Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress co-author Marc Eisenson, “But the damage to your credit history may be the price you need to pay to become debt free.”

“One solution doesn’t fit all,” explain Detweiler and Eisenson. Their book, Reduce Debt, Reduce Stress, starts with a “debt diagnosis,” then lays out the pros and cons of all the options for getting out of debt, including do-it-yourself debt repayment plans, debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt settlement and bankruptcy. The book includes real-life stories from people who have successfully used these approaches to get out of debt. Readers will also get advice for finding reputable agencies who can help them achieve their goal of becoming debt-free.


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Question by Jake: Can someone explain the Healthcare Bill to me?
I need to do a project for school convincing people that are against the healthcare bill to agree with it. I will need to use forms of propaganda to change their minds, and need to include 4 facts about the bill that would be appealing. Can someone please explain the gist of it? No biased answers please. Thanks.

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Answer by soda pop
its called diabetes, just try to get your insulin up!

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No biased answers or opinions please. I just want to know the facts. I’m 18 years old and I hear everyone talking about the health care reform but I don’t understand what it will do and why some people are against it. Thanks!

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I don’t know what the health care bill is about, so I don’t know if I should be angry that it was passed or not. Can someone explain what it is to me in layman’s terms please?

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With the everyone being so polar on this topic, i find it impossible to find the truth… will someone please just give the facts on this?

here is how i understand it with information i have taken from both sides….

Hospital bills are incredibly high to make up for the fact that so many people are uninsured and that a large portion of people can’t and never do pay back their entire bill.

Insurance companies know this and essentially Haggle the hospital an drug costs to what they feel these services are worth.

If, hypothetically, everyone in the country has insurance, HeHealth carerices would fall across the board because Hospitals and Drug Companies would always be getting their money, rather than having to compensate for bills which don’t get paid.

Why would a business continue to offer healthcare if the government will just supply it for us?
The answer i have heard is that there will be tax breaks for those businesses which do offer health care, and combined with the lower premiums put out by the insurance company, businesses will actually save money by continuing to offer the plan. And, for those businesses who never could offer healthcare before, the drop in premiums would again make this plan affordable.

Clearly someone is going to have to pay for all of this, and how i understand it, is like this:

I pay $10/week for my health insurance.
With the lower premiums, my portion would only be, say, $7
To cover the government run aid, I would pay an additional $3 in taxes every week.

My weekly cost doesn’t change, it gets redistributed.

After hours of arguments, when both liberals and conservatives have listed all their points, and answered every question posed by the other side… the only question which ever really remains is

“do you really want the government in charge of healthcare? do you really want the government to have access to your medical history?”

it comes down to a question of trust in the government, and a feeling of invasion of privacy.

Am i correct on this… please try not to respond with your personal opinions and speculations…. and don’t answer my question with another question… that’s all people ever do on this topic. I pose a question to someone, and they combat it with another question, rather than an answer. I really just want to know facts about this.

Where is the money coming from?
Why will businesses offer healthcare if the government will provide it for “free?”
Will private insurance companies end up losing money, or make up the diference in a higher volume of customers?

Please help

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I’m English and I’ve heard about his health care care idea on the news etc. so I did a bit of research but I don’t understand it. could someone please explain!

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The Bill HR 3200 will require everyone to have Health Care and will debit your account. Tell you how many children your allowed to have, with social worker visits to your family. Treatment determined by statistics. …

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View full post on Open Congress : Blog Articles for H.R.3200 America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

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Tea party backers explain why they’re enraged, engaged
YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. – Bill Warner is hardly a naive man. He ran his own engineering firm for three decades, and he sold the assets just before the economy tanked. He built his dream home on a majestic hill abutting a national park, back when the housing market was steady. While some neighbors have since been foreclosed on, Warner is resurfacing his flagstone deck.

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