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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

While there are still a few weeks left until the official start of summer, pet parents from coast to coast are already looking for ways to beat the heat. Restricting outdoor exercise and keeping cool in the shade are not just helpful hints for humans who want to stay healthy in the heat theyre good ideas for pets, too! Petplan, Americas No. 1-rated pet insurance company, reminds pet parents to take extra precaution in keeping pets safe as thermometers spike.

Four-legged friends face many of the same dangers associated with hot weather that humans do, but the most dangerous is heat stroke, or hyperthermia.

“Hyperthermia is an extremely serious condition, not only because it can do permanent damage to a pets health, but also because it can progress so rapidly, says Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Veterinary Services for Petplan. A dog’s normal temperature usually peaks at around 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but when it reaches 105-110 degrees, this can lead to coma, organ dysfunction and even permanent brain damage or death. Signs of heat distress can be subtle, so watch for restlessness with excessive panting, salivation or drooling.

If your pet shows signs of hyperthermia, seek immediate veterinary care. Intravenous fluid therapy and professional monitoring and support are often crucial to ensure your pet makes a full recovery, Benson says. On the way to the vet, you can help cool your pet gradually by placing wet towels on the back of his neck, under his arms and in his groin area while in an air-conditioned car or cool, shaded area.

The veterinary care required to treat a severely hyperthermic pet can be extensive, not to mention expensive. According to Petplan claims data, veterinary costs for heat stroke average $ 1,417 per incident, and some overheated pets end up with vet bills topping $ 4,330.

Learning to reduce the chances of a hyperthermic event can keep your pet and your family budget focused on fun. With an eye on prevention, Petplan offers the following tips to help Fluffy and Fido stay healthy in the heat:

In the hot seat: Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle, even on days that don’t seem too hot to you. A 2005 Stanford University Medical Center study showed the temperature inside a vehicle, even with windows cracked, rose an average of 40 degrees in an hour, most of that within the first 30 minutes.

Hydration nation: Always have fresh water available for your pets during hot days, whether youre indoors or outside. If youre embarking on outdoor activities with your pet, remember to bring extra water and a container for him to drink from.

When the temp soars, head indoors: Avoid exercising or playing with pets outdoors during peak times of day. Plan any outdoor activities either early (before 11 am) or late (after 6 pm) to keep everyone cool and comfortable.

For more information on protecting your pet from summer heat or to learn more about pet health insurance, visit


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