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I am amazed what is being done to our country. We are in two wars and our economy is trashed, however, the Democrats are using this hardship to grab power by the government. Am I the only one that sees this so clearly?

To listen to the administration, it isn’t the war, terrorists, economy, but healthcare. What’s wrong with healthcare? They say it is because it isn’t completely controlled by the government. And they use the lame excuse that the economy will not recover unless the government controls it. While our military is waiting on troops for their survival and success, congress has completely turned their back on them and focusing on their pet healthcare plan as if that is the biggest concern. It is not and was not.

Now they are going on a power grab of the Internet. They are now going to tax it with the excuse to protect our children they need to police it and the new policing needs to be paid for by internet users (that means, taxpayers or in easier terms, the American people).

These reasons are too lame and it seems clear to me that the Democrats needs people to be “dependent” on them so they will be reelected. They did this with the poor and minorities starting in the 70′s and I think they are trying to include everyone. It took Bill Clinton to overturn that since only a Democrat could remove what Democrats damaged. Will we be so lucky this next time? Once they control our lives and we are dependent on them for survival, we will elect them based on their promises.

Am I wrong on this? If so, explain to me how I have become so misguided, without being insulting… just give me the facts.
jennifer, I appreciate your insight and I disagree on your opinion of “no rush to send more troops.”

Too many don’t understand that those who graduate from the war colleges aren’t simply guys that learn how to shoot. These schools are every bit as in depth as schools of physics or math. These guys are the “experts” on war… not politicians. We saw how Johnson, that thought because he was elected president had some special knowledge about war and extended our fight in Vietnam until we were defeated.

Obama has been told by his advisor and other retired generals agree, that time (rush) is important since there will be a ‘point of no return.’ It was clearly stated by McChrystal. When you don’t take “experts” advice, you act as a fool. We will lose this war based on a person that only has a degree in Law because he thinks like many football fans do… that they are just as good as the experts.
It’s simply Monday morning quarterbacking… the same charge that leveled against Johnson for losing the war.

So while I disagree with you on the above, you could be right and I could be wrong on the rush to send troop. However, as far as claiming Democrats are not Socialists, that’s nonsense. You really have to have your head in the sand to printed otherwise. This is 2009. If you want to pull out history books for a time long ago, you could make that case, but we are all living through it today and it is clear their agenda is socialism. It’s no secret, although many Democrats are ashamed of the term just like they were ashamed of the term “liberal” a number of years ago.

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So how can the health care industry / Big Pharma / Insurance companies be buying off the GOP when a majority of their money is going to the Dems?
So you’re saying you’re ok with being bribed? .

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I think they know it and thats why they rushed to do it their first year. They knew they would only be able to do things for a year before we took back their seats. Which is happening quicker and quicker. They are losing seats left and right. Now with this health care bill passed that MOST didnt want to begin with, its going to be the end of them and they are going to loose alot more seats.

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