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Safety and Ethics in Healthcare by Bill Runciman and Others

End Date: Monday Dec-25-2017 17:42:28 PST
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NEW Safety and Ethics in Healthcare: A Guide to Getting It Right by Bill Runcima
End Date: Wednesday Jan-3-2018 6:37:48 PST
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Jerry Baker's Cut Your Health Care Bills in Half!: 1,339 Terrific Tips
End Date: Saturday Dec-16-2017 14:13:33 PST
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The Nation's Health Care Bill: Who Bears the Burden? A Chartbook

End Date: Sunday Jan-7-2018 12:37:44 PST
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Bill BRADLEY Health Care pin President NBA Basketball
End Date: Wednesday Jan-10-2018 16:30:55 PST
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American Health Care ACT: The Proposed Trumpcare Bill (Paperback or Softback)
End Date: Friday Dec-22-2017 17:40:59 PST
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Henry Waxman, Key Democrat and Force for Health Care Law, Is to Retire
He has been unapologetic about the health care law during its troubled rollout in the fall, and he said that he was confident it would survive and that its use as a political weapon would diminish. “I'm proud of the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “I …
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Supporters of health care coverage bill to gather before Tuesday hearing
With the passage and rocky implementation of the so-called Affordable Care Act – known widely as “Obamacare” – millions of individuals and families who previously had health insurance have been kicked off their existing plans. To help the thousands …
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Rival crystal clear on health care act
Ballston. Jim Fischer was among the many Americans stunned to learn that their health insurance plans were being canceled shortly after President Barack Obama's landmark health care reforms started to take effect last year. He found a new plan with a …
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Related Posts: Follow Leader Boehner on Twitter for real time updates on House Republicans’ efforts to stop the Democrats’ proposed government takeover of health care.
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I had stopped the comments on this video for many reasons, for example: racist rants, death threats, calling out for murder, accusing me of things that are just not true (as if you liberals somehow have ESP and know what I am all about.) Get over yourselves! Thanks to all the people who do get it, you are out there, keep spreading accurate information as most of us can agree we are not being shown the truth. 1. I did not create this video, buckrush wanted everyone to spread this video, buckrush’s account has been closed since. 2. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of legislating poor policies that negatively affect us for generations to come. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Post Office are not doing well, they are on the verge of bankruptcy. 3. Anyone who is in the health care field understands why this reform is not going to do anything but grow the government and raise the cost of health care. Anyone who is not, thinks they know best. 4. Big government is not the solution as it is unsustainable. Government needs to be run like a business not a service, they need a reduction in force. Any company designed like our federal government would be long gone by now unless, of course, they had unlimited access to the taxpayer’s wallet. 5. Contrary to all who think that being “unenrolled” somehow prevents me from voting any way I would like, again, in my state I can. 6. Most of the absolute anger, death threats and name calling has come from the left, real

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Question by GOD’S REPORTER Crisp Avatar: Have you heard a single Democrat say “I really love this healthcare bill”?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian
Nope. They all say that it is better than nothing (which is questionable)..

What do you think? Answer below!

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Health insurers flirted with Democrats, supported them with money and got what they wanted: a federal mandate that most Americans carry health care coverage. Now they’re backing Republicans, hoping a GOP Congress will mean friendlier regulations.

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Health insurers help GOP after dalliance with Dems

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Federal health care policy and a Colorado serial killer are top issues in the race between Republican incumbent John Suthers and Democrat Stan Garnett, the Boulder County district attorney. Garnett jumped into the race after Suthers …

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Colorado Springs Business Journal » Blog Archive » Health care …

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Fear and confusion have driven the national debate about health care and the Democrats’ sweeping overhaul for more than a year. But perils now lie ahead for both parties, even for Republicans, who promise to make repeal of the new …

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Mixed signals on health care puts both parties in a bind

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Updated: At 10:45 p.m. Eastern time Sunday, the U. S. House of Representatives voted 219 to 212 to pass a historic bill reforming health care in America. Thirty-four Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the bill. …

Original post:
Health care reform bill passes, Minnesota delegation splits vote …

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