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Pfizer Inc., NRG Energy and Entergy are rescheduling the release of their third quarter 2012 earnings reports because of the major storm bearing down on the eastern part of U.S.

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Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

Coverys, a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance, has announced it is integrating its member company risk management programs into one all-encompassing, expanded program. These services will be available for all healthcare provider and medical facility policyholders to help improve patient safety and quality of care, and reduce medical errors and costs.

Coverys policyholders currently receive risk management services from three different offices with different approaches. The purpose of this integration is to identify and utilize the strengths of Coverys existing Risk Management Department and of Coverys member company Risk Management & Patient Safety Institute (RM&PSI). Throughout the ongoing integration there will be no disruption in risk management services for Coverys policyholders. Ultimately, the newly integrated Risk Management Department will be the result of much collaboration by company leadership and company risk management experts on the most timely and successful selection of services possible.

With the evolving demands of healthcare reform and reimbursement guidelines, it is imperative to offer relevant products and services to our customers, said Gregg L. Hanson, president and chief executive officer for Coverys. As a result of the 2009 acquisition of FinCor Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary, RM&PSI, we have two highly acclaimed risk management programs. By combining these units under the Coverys name it ensures that our policyholders receive the best of what we have to offer, no matter where they are located.

Coverys risk management services include:

Benchmarking data identifying trends in severity and frequency of claims
Customized programming tailored to specific loss prevention strategies
Key quality metrics and best practices
Office appraisals and facility assessments
Consultative services
Emotional support

For more information about Coverys please contact Katharine Gould at kgould(at)coverys(dot)com or (617) 946-8665, or visit the companys website at

About Coverys

Coverys is one of the top 10 medical professional liability insurance providers in the country based on direct written premium. Coverys member companies insure more than 20,000 physicians, surgeons, dentists, certified nurse midwives and allied healthcare providers, as well as nearly 500 hospitals, health centers and clinics in 23 states from coast to coast. Coverys is committed to financial strength and stability with net admitted assets in excess of $ 3.2 billion, direct written premium of $ 375 million and policyholder surplus of $ 1.1 billion, as of December 31, 2011. In addition, all Coverys insurance member companies have a Bests Rating of A- (Excellent). Coverys emphasizes physician education and patient safety, and the company is acknowledged as a leader in providing supportive risk management services and resolute claim defense to the healthcare community. Coverys also offers a variety of interactive and relevant continuing medical education (CME) activities to healthcare providers across the country. For more information visit the Coverys website at Timely industry and company news can also be found on the Coverys blog at, on Twitter (@Coverys) and on the companys Facebook page.


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Medical Billing Companies in Wisconsin

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Pacific Alliance Advertising provides custom solutions using traditional and new media. The company is based out of Los Angeles but handles accounts in various regions across the country and places business on a local and national basis. The Partners have extensive experience in traditional media but have fully embraced new media from day one. As such, they hired some of the best website developers in the business. These experts have worked with many of the Fortune 500 Companies and specialize in driving traffic to websites and to mobile devices.

For many years, small business owners have worked hard to grow their business but in most cases their expertise is specific to their own business category whether it be restaurants, retail stores or the healthcare industry. The majority of them are very aware of the need to promote their business but oftentimes are overwhelmed with the number of choices that are out there. What makes it even more frustrating for them is to have to deal with the unending onslaught of vendors knocking on their door or calling them while theyre busy dealing with customers. The fact that most of these vendors have strong type A personalities and insist that what theyre selling is best doesnt make it any easier.

I find it to be very rewarding when I can eliminate the headaches of our clients by dealing directly with their vendors, analyzing their offerings and deciding which options will lead to the highest possible Return On Investment says Bill Dietz, Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. The best part is that our service is free to our clients because the media providers pay us for placing the business with them.

There is nothing better than to see a company grow their revenue and go from one location to thirty-eight locations, like one of our lending institution clients did added Jesse Navarro, also a Partner at Pacific Alliance Advertising. When you handle an account over the years you become like family with your clients and really take their success seriously. Weve found that its critical to fully understand the goals and objectives of our clients and ensure that we provide customized campaigns and added value to help ensure their success.

Bill added We recently met with a healthcare service provider that was really taken advantage of by one of the television vendors. After reviewing their schedule we were able to save them 26% by switching them to a different provider that had a stronger presence within their trading radius and applying our negotiated rates. In addition we increased the frequency of their campaign by more than 114%, along with their reach. This was a real eye opener for the client and provided him with the peace of mind that he needed so that he could concentrate on what he does best manage his core business.

Running an efficient and consistent campaign is only part of the equation. Its equally important to ensure that the creative is compelling and has a strong call to action. To see examples of effective creative, Search Pacific Alliance Advertising on YouTube or go to

Managing Partners:

Bill Dietz has extensive experience in Media Buying and has worked at major agencies in New York and Los Angeles as a Buying Supervisor. He was also a Sales Manager for various Broadcast and Cable Television Organizations, including Tribune, Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T and MediaOne. In addition, he ran the Los Angeles Office for National Cable Communications, a company that sells advertising on Cable Systems and Cable Interconnects in over 200 markets across the country. He has also trained Managers and AEs on how to build more effective Television Campaigns.

Jesse Navarro also has extensive media experience. He started his career as an Account Executive for The Yellow Pages. He then worked as a Senior Account Executive for Comcast and MediaOne and a Sales Manager for Charter Communications and Time Warner. In addition, he was the Media Director at Greenstripe Media which handled many high profile accounts including Fletcher Jones Motor Cars.

Business owners interested in learning more about Pacific Alliance Advertisings services can visit They can also contact Bill Dietz at 310 936 5758 or via email at bill(at)paa12(dot)com

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Shares of some top pharmaceuticals companies were mixed at the close of trading:

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Shares of some top pharmaceuticals companies are mixed at 10 a.m.:

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Shares of some top pharmaceuticals companies are mixed at 10 a.m.:

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Bristol, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 April 2012

Duport Associates have discovered that 25 new companies were formed in February 2012 with the word clinical as part of their company name, up from a previous high of 21 in March 2003.

This new rise coincided with the controversial Health and Social Care Bill making its way through parliament, as many companies and organisation see new opportunities in the health industry.

The new interest in clinical companies just goes to show that many businesses are hoping to get more involved in providing healthcare services to the public and to the NHS, said Peter Valaitis, Managing Director of Duport Associates.

But the rise of so many new clinical company formations could also be part of a new emphasis on science and scientific research used by a wide range of industries including fitness, beauty and food.

The word ‘clinical’ automatically makes you think of cleanness, scientific excellence and cold hard facts, so its a great term to use if you want that to be peoples first impression of your business or your products, Peter added.

As well as healthcare organisations, companies such as cleaners and caterers can also benefit from being thought of as clinical, as the emphasis on this medical term can help build an expectation of a more thorough service. This can also be a huge boon if your company hopes to get contracts with the NHS, schools or medical units.

With the Health and Social Care Bill now approved, there may be more companies seeking to be thought of as clinical and suitable to work alongside the NHS, and it is possible that this record high becomes a sustained increase over the next few months.

Duport Associates Ltd is a leading UK company formation agent, operating in the UK for around 15 years. Duport registers around 10,000 new companies each year using its Companies House approved software. The Company Register which is maintained by Companies House contains public information about Limited companies and directors.

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Shares of some top managed care companies were down at the close of trading:

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Two companies have teamed up to market fingerprint-based drug testing to police, prisons, and, they hope, American companies. 

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